How to Have Much Time Before Work in the Morning

timeOften too late to get up and hurried to the office? Be careful, unhurried while preparing for work clothes will make you run out of time and late for work.

A survey of the Today Show / AOL found that women on average spend up to 55 minutes per day to prepare for his appearance. While the men took about 4.5 hours per week to be ready to go to the office after waking.

The conditions that can affect your performance at work negatively. To avoid this, the following nine tips that can be done in order to have more time before leaving office:

The night before work:

1. Packing Up

Do preparing and filling stuff in the morning before work. Make sure all required to work already in the bag for the night.

2. Prepare the clothes to be used

You can have more time to prepare before work clothes to wear to be in the office at night. Also avoid ironing clothes in the morning because it can waste a lot of time before work.

3. Regular sleep every night

With a regular sleep schedule at the same time every day, you’ll wake up with more fresh and focused. Numerous studies show that regular sleep pattern is much better than sleep in a long time.

4. Set Schedule

By planning a variety of activities to do in tomorrow, you can fall asleep and not have to think too hard.

Preparation in the morning:

5. Stretch

If you do not have much time to exercise before going to the office, stretching in a short time. That way, your body more healthy when dealing with work in the office.

6. Drink a glass of water

Drink a glass of water in the morning is very beneficial for the body’s metabolism and make you more energetic at work. Cold water can provide more energy in your body.

7. Listening music

Not only can improve the mood at work, the music can make you excited about going to the office. Find the most preferred music and playlists in the morning to encourage private work.

8. Ignore communication devices, computers, and TV

If you want to have more time in the morning before work, ignore your mobile phone. Do not get up in the morning and immediately checked SMS or watch TV because it could make you late for work.

9. Have a fixed timetable set out for the office

Every morning, specify the time to go to the office. If necessary, turn on the alarm so that you have not been late to the office and could work early.