5 Ways to Increase Your Efficiency at the Office

efficiency officeIf those files just won’t stop piling up, it’s time to take drastic action. Here are five easy and efficient ways to improve your productivity at the office.

1. Go Paperless

Instead of covering your desk in post-it notes, put all of your reminders, schedules, appointments and lists into your phone. Not only will you save countless trees from the perils of your itinerary, but you’ll also be able to set alarms on your phone to remind you of things in a way that post-it notes can’t.

2. Stop Answering Emails

It may sound strange, but emails are often more of a hindrance than a help when it comes to getting work done. Every time you check your inbox because “it might be work-related” is just another minute you’ve wasted. Give yourself one- and two-hour bans on checking your email until you actually accomplish something.

3. Invest in New Technology

Look for things like Wizard Wall to help you get organized. Download efficiency and productivity apps. Start cloud exchanges with your employees where they can suggest methods for improving the workplace. It’s the 21st century, and there’s always a new way to upgrade your routine.

4. Open the Windows

It’s a scientific fact that yellow light wakes you up, so if you want to stop slumping over your desk every day after lunch, it’s time to open your windows. The sunshine will re-energize and reinvigorate you so you can actually get some work done during the remainder of your day.

efficiency office2

5. Drink More Water

Coffee may taste good in the morning, but it will also dehydrate you through the afternoon, and that isn’t even getting into the inevitable caffeine crash. A better alternative is to drink cold water all day long. It’ll keep you alert, focused and refreshed no matter what the world slings at you.

These are just five tips for better energy and increased efficiency at the office. If you’re tired of all the wasted potential of your work days, use these guidelines to create a new kind of corporate experience.