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The Reason Why Women Are Fit To Do Business

oprah winfreyOprah Winfrey is a woman who has successfully made inroads as well as a great Enterpreuneur in its field. Oprah’s success in the media industry, among others, through its phenomenal talk show “The Oprah Show”.

Of course there are many other successful women leaders in business. You can be one of them. Moreover, it turns out, the weather is very suitable in the business world.
Consider the four main reasons why women should be doing business, as submitted:

1. Minimize Risk

At the present time, is not a stranger to the household if both husband and wife both work. However, not infrequently only the husband works and the economic backbone of the family. Well, in order to further support the needs of everyday life, there’s nothing wrong if the wife run a business from home.

By doing so, the source of income of the husband remains “safe” while the wife can come to support the family income. Risk husband office reprimanded for doing business outside the main work can be avoided. Remember, spousal support each other in running the business.

2. Multitasking

One of the advantages of the woman is able to do many things at once (multitasking). For example, cooking while keeping the child. These characteristics are the basic competencies needed in business, “And it is not owned by men,” said Muassis. Women can perform functions within the business as well ranging from marketing, sales, to human resource management.

3. Decision Makers

Take a look, generally anyone who determine the option that will be bought, and household furniture, or clothes and a shirt for her husband. The mother, right? “Whether we realize it or not, women are the decision makers separately almost every purchase that happen,” said Muassis.

That said, women are the biggest consumers of almost all the existing products on the market. If his position behind women as producers or businesses, then “women will be able to understand and feel the desires of consumers as a representation of itself,” said Muassis.

4. The Information Age

One thing that becomes surplus women is their ability to form networking and communicating. It can be shown through many communities that followed and formed women. Primarily, in the era of technology and information as it is today. Muassis mentioned, a study in the USA showed in 2000, six out of 10 users of the website are women. Online business becomes profitable alternative.

Communicating and networking with women’s instincts are generally exceed men, women will be more optimistic Muassis successful business by utilizing information technology evolving more rapidly.

Who knows, by optimizing these four things and with careful planning and management, you can be the next Oprah.