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Turnstiles Are Value To Businesses

turnstilesMany people install turnstiles to prevent unwanted access to key locations. Although there are many new technologies, most businesses choose optical solutions because they offer financial savings, better security, quicker entry for employees, and improved aesthetics.

Financial Benefits

When business owners hire security officers, they spend thousands of dollars a year. Installing turnstiles is a more efficient solution because they are affordable and durable. Once in place, the units will last for over 10 years. Also, when compared to revolving doors, turnstiles have lower maintenance costs.


After an optical turnstile is installed, all employees must provide authorization. In addition, because the device automates the access system, security officers who have expired badges won’t have access to the building.

Employee Benefits

Employees can access a facility faster since security guards are not needed when turnstiles are in place. An efficient unit can process nearly 60 people each second, which is much faster than revolving doors. So, by installing several turnstiles, productivity will increase every day.


Turnstiles can be designed so that they match the aesthetics of a building. They can blend with a variety of materials, such as glass, wood, metal, or stone. Also, many companies offer various customization options to clients.

If you need a turnstile for your business, always hire a professional turnstile installation technician so that you won’t make costly mistakes.