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Bad Habits You Should Avoid In Order To Increase Your Productivity

Bad HabitsWe often experience a period where the brain that we have refused to do the work that is being done. No matter how hard you try to try to resolve the existing jobs, your passion in working even more lost.

Did you know that what you experience comes from bad habits that you’ve done? Some behaviors that too often we do turn out to have an adverse effect, particularly on the work we are doing.

Here are “Bad habits you should avoid in order to increase your productivity“:

1. The computer files were disorganized


Have you named the file on your computer as it is written on because you are too hasty to store files there? If yes, then you should start to be able to kick the habit forever.

In order to enhance your productivity at work, you should be able to organize the files that exist in order to avoid a situation where you can not find the necessary files. You might think that this is not a great thing.

You will still be able to find all the files that you need because the computer is a private property. However, you do not know was it would be a bad habit for yourself in the future.

Effective way that can be done to fight this bad habit is trying to start from small things. Try to instill in you to keep it neatly organize all existing files.

That way you can have a strong intention that can help you to complete all the work and make you more productive in the future.

Many people are often too lazy and forget all unused files on a personal computer that led to being filled malware or virus in the computer. It can be very annoying you and lowers your productivity at the office. So try to stay organized all existing files.

Finding the best playlist

2. Finding the best playlist

Before starting work, many people usually start their day by choosing songs that can accompany their work. Nothing wrong with this, it results showed that music can help you to focus and eliminate stress and anxiety.

However, a lot happens is, when you select a playlist of songs, there is just a song you do not like the result you to change the song or choose to play another playlist. These are things that can decrease your productivity. Compared to work, You just run out of time to select an appropriate song.

To that end, if you really want to put a song to accompany you at work, choose songs nuanced jazz or classical. This music genre will help you focus and be productive in doing work there. Continue reading