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Simple Mistakes That Can Make You Poor

poorThe formal education system does not ensure a person to be wealthy and successful. There is no special lessons are provided to achieve that goal. Although the education that starts from the family.

There was a study done Thomas c. Corley. For five years, she researched the 233 people considered successful and become rich, and the poor man. 128

As a result, there are about 300 habit that distinguishes the rich with the poor.

Habits that many people have done even since childhood. What are these habits? The following list is: do not have dreams and life goals

Habits have dreams and life goals are always owned by successful people who became rich. Of such research, about 64 percent of the respondents Corley proves, that they are able to achieve dreams and life goals they have set.

About 62 percent of them also understand what targets to be achieved each day. And, just nine percent of poor people who have dreams and just six percent who knew his daily targets.

The custom of inviting sick

For the poor, according to this research, 66 percent of them have overweight problem, and only 21 percent of wealthy people who experienced it.

This figure is driven by their habits in a workout or select meals. Because, from the survey were only 23 percent of poor people who avidly aerobic exercise, at least 30 minutes a day. While 76 percent of rich people do.

In fact, the results come out that fast food restaurants be 69 per cent of poor people and only 25 percent of the rich who chose it.

And there is a 60 percent poor person who likes consuming liquor, while only 13 percent of the rich are consumed.

Not always the discipline

Only six percent of poor people who make lists of their daily activities (to do list), and only three percent are diligent in getting up early and doing a lot of work before its activity in the Office.

However, for the 44 percent of the rich, they already have at least three hours before the clock works do.

Inappropriate social relationships

In the matter of social relationships, only 11 per cent of the poor, which sets will try to find a more serious relationship with successful people. By contrast, 69 percent of rich people do.

Don’t like to learn

Of the total respondents, only 26 percent of poor people who have a hobby of reading. Although reading, most of them will also choose a light and entertaining reading.

In contrast, 88 percent of wealthy people who learn through reading, and 86 percent of the rich are indeed a hobby of reading. Plus, only 11 percent are looking for light reading.


About 54 percent of the rich are optimistic in trying to achieve their success. While only 22 percent of the poor people who have thoughts like that.

In addition, only 13 percent of poor people who believe and are confident that one day they will achieve success and become rich.

Meanwhile, as many as 43 percent of the poor are easily upset, while only 19 percent of the rich are like that.