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You Can Contact Globecore to Get Transformer Oil Recycling Machines

globalcoreGenerally, transformers used by energy facilities are old enough and might reach over 25 years in services. Over than 40% of old transformer is lack of maintenances and can cause failures in energy facilities operations. While replacing a whole old transformer is impossible, you can extend the life of the transformer services. You can extend the life of the transformer by regenerate the oil and made as good as new, so the transformer would be able to work. To improve the quality of the oil, you can call GlobeCore. GlobeCore is a company that develops and implements of purification, reclamation, drying and degassing of transformer oil and improve the capabilities of transformer oil ensured by all relevant international standard. Use oil filtration system that capable to work the transformer oil, GlobeCore are able to improve the quality of the oil.

A woman in jiading district are biting and stabbing cop

A woman is sentenced after her trying to stop a police officer that trying to shut down her illegal waste oil recycling business. According to jiading district prosecutor’s office, that woman, called Cai has been sentenced to a year in prison for attacking the police officer.
The police office received a report about a workshop that process waste oil from leftover in Jiading District. Investigating the workshop, the police officer found Cai and her husband use oil purification system to recondition the waste oil from leftover. Cai attacks the police office, bit him and stabbed at him with knife.
At the court heard, Cai denied the attack and accuses the police officer that he cut himself on the knife when he lunged at her. Finally, the hearing charges one year for Cai and her husband, however the couple would not face any charge for recycling oil from waste.

The latest technology for purified marijuana products and omega 3 proteins is announced by Verde Media Group, Inc.

Verde Media Group is announcing that they will develop and produce high value bio-products from renewable biomass. This step is taken to achieve a low risk of scale up utilizing low cost feedstock, and make sure that every energy can be use effectively. Verde Media Group will focus on two high value product, the high density microbial production of omega 3 oil and highly purified forms of cannabis products. Both of them will use oil filtering machine to extract the products.