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Concept Business From Lady Gaga

ladygagaBusiness activities much to teach us about how to overcome the challenges of risk. But you need to know that not only have to learn the business through the business itself. Can learn from anywhere! In fact, the entertainment world has too many pop science, especially science that will teach us about the importance of branding, target markets, marketing.

Who does not know Lady Gaga? A pop culture icon who has received attention after successfully listed his name in the history of the U.S. charts Billboard’s Hot 100. He was famous in a short time, it only took two years for him to be recognized as a new icon of pop culture. The key one, the use of technology marketing via real-time site.

How does he do it? You need to know that success is not something that happens by chance. He also implemented, namely armed with a careful analysis of the type of business, understanding of the target audience.

He does it by performing odd. We all know that many people who can play the piano while singing. Quality is not something
unique now. But he sold it by exhibiting characteristic, and it does so with consistency. As a result, the fans came.

He also uses features real-time on the internet to create a connection with his fans. Many marketers recognize that this is a quick way to boost sales. On Twitter alone, Lady Gaga has over 8 million followers. In addition, all of the video he aired on YouTube watched by tens of millions of people, for example the song “Bad Romance” watched 340 million people in a year.

Success in utilizing online means making well publicized in the audience. Henceforth, the reputation needs to be arranged in a way to manage its image in the eyes of the public. He also continues to meet the needs of its audience.

Thus, the lessons learned from Lady Gaga need to apply to your own business, namely:

1. Consistent

Just as Lady Gaga who likes changing appearance, your business was also allowed to show the different faces so as not boring. It’s just one key, make sure the image and core values ​​of your message remains the same, so that your customers can also hold the core points and the same brand image of your business.

2. Innovative

Use the latest technology and most effective internet. How marketing like this is certainly not expensive, you only need internet connection and standard applications to do so. But you can see that internet marketing is very effective in reaching your customers.

3. Attractive

Lady Gaga tweeted events or new products. Sentence on Twitter is short and potentially misleading. Short sentence is indeed a characteristic of the language of marketing. You can advertise your product with a short but interesting sentences and turgid. And you need to see, Lady Gaga always careful in conveying information when interviewed. The second thing he did was to sell while keeping the brand image that he has.

How to Get The Brilliant Business Idea

businessideasBeing creative and innovative has always been an important part of doing business. Generate a business idea is certainly not an easy thing. Not to mention, a good idea is not necessarily a great idea. So what’s the difference?

Great idea often appears and is only able to resolve a number of minor problems in the work. In contrast, tend to be a terrific idea rarely appear and require more time to make it happen.

The biggest challenge to produce various brilliant idea is to free yourself from conventional habits lived so far. Let your mind at rest when you are tired brain works.

More specifically, the following seven tips that can make your fishing birth of great ideas:

1. Frequent observations

No bright idea would come in silence. You have to train the brain to think creatively.

Create a specific schedule to stimulate your brain to think in a different way. You can observe people who were passing by, attitude or emerging trends. See it will bring new perspectives and ways of thinking. It could provoke new ideas for business.

2. Much associate

The streets with friends or co-workers can make you a different mindset. Not only that, you also can take advantage of social networks to add friends to talk.

New people do not recognize you in depth. You also have to think back to tell it briefly and clearly. This simple activity can provoke and train you to think in detail. Of course, this practice could create a creative business idea.

3. Often read books

Not a stranger anymore, the book is a great way to create new thoughts and stimulate the emergence of a number of innovations.

Read business books or stories of successful entrepreneurs can turn your creative abilities better. Various creative mind will appear as a brilliant business idea.

4. Diligently explore internet sites

Google is known for providing a variety of information on the most internet users in the world. But if you want to get an unexpected business idea, you can adventure in the world of internet. With so many things to be found to stimulate the birth of a brilliant idea.

5. Creating diary

Record the contents of thoughts, feelings and life experiences, best done with the record. The habit of writing like this is also a great way to lure brilliant ideas. If you do not already have it, not too late to start now.

6. Meditation

Get a bright idea when the mind is in turmoil is certainly very difficult. You need time for yourself. A moment of meditation can help you clear your mind from the daily pressures of business and that you receive.

With meditation you can resolve problems more calmly. Two hours each week can make great ideas flowing in your mind. Yoga exercises can you do to get these benefits.

7. Exercise regularly

Creativity is born from a variety of structured activities. Moderate exercise can help you to concentrate. With more focus, you can generate good ideas.

The whole way that requires commitment. Although a lot of time and effort sacrificed, both of them are key birth of a great idea. You just need to give time and break for your brain and do not force him to think too class. After the great ideas coming, the rest is up to you.

How to Build a Elite Team in Business

good teamWe often read success stories of entrepreneurs of the world and in awe of their success. ” How can a man achieve that high? ” Maybe that’s a question that often thrown in the mind after reading achievement entrepreneurs.

The answer is simple. People are brilliantly assisted by a group of people who are no less brilliant in behind. The great entrepreneurs are not working hard alone. They built a solid team that helped him realize big dreams in their brains. Here are some lessons to be learned from the world’s two seasoned entrepreneur, Donald Trump and Greg Dyke.

Donald Trump : You can not do it alone

That’s what was studied by wealthy Americans, Donald Trump, during his long journey profession as an entrepreneur. Trump learned many things about entrepreneurship for decades. He learned about how to better use the resources he had, either in the form of financial, infrastructure, services in various kinds, and especially, a great talent.

Trump realized that in order to success, he can not do everything alone. Building a world -class team is the only way to success. When you start to build a business, Trump discuss with one of New York’s top lawyers who are experienced in the field of real estate, George Ross. Together Ross, Trump stakeholders define all components needed for negotiations.

He later founded an architectural firm that can deliver his vision forward. This resource list is very diverse and is increasing from time to time, of the team and project managers to clerks. Trump strictly select anyone who could be a member of his team. After that, he was a delegate and let the ball rolling by itself. However, all team members should remain aware that they are responsible for the implementation of the idea of ​​Trump. For Trump, the main principle in choosing the members of the team is, ” Anyone who can not embody the principles of entrepreneurship that I profess that he is not a part of my team. ”

Greg Dyke : Recruit people who praise your weaknesses

As a veteran of leadership in the world with a high level of communication skills, Dyke has served as General Director of the largest news network in the world, the BBC ( British Broadcasting Corporation ).

Dyke in providing a more concrete example of how to build a team of world-class winner. For him there are 4 things to consider when trying to build a team

1. Waking team that you trust

Most entrepreneurs have great ideas and brilliant, but they do not quite understand how to implement them in the field or do not have much time to do it themselves. If you are this type, then Dyke advised to hire people you trust talent, expertise, and the excess will help you realize the business vision that has been set. Trust being the fulcrum in all operational teams.

2. Recruit the best people and let them work themselves to the fullest.

Entrepreneurs do not need to monitor every move of his team members at any time. If you are already convinced and believe in them that they will do their best for you, you no longer need to bother to control little things.

3. Always hire people who praise your weaknesses.

Most people can only praise one’s achievement or excess. Nothing special with it. But when someone is able to praise your weakness, then it can be concluded that the person is able to see the best in your personal. You need people like that, who can complement your personal as an entrepreneur and compensate for your weaknesses that could hinder the progress of the business.

4. Allow them to go in and do not let it out just because of doubts.

As an entrepreneur, do not let doubt overwhelm you when team members provide a wide range of suggestions or proposals to advance the company or resolve a problem. Entrepreneur is a leader with a stable mind. Try not to confuse the other team members with too many decisions to make changes. Things like this will only make them confused and bored.

Build a quality team is not easy, even can take a long time to be able to find the composition of a team that really fit as desired. More great teams also depends a good leader as well. With patience, tips on top, and dream team.Combination good leader and good team,  success is not impossible.

Tips on Finding and Keeping Women Customers

findwomencustomerYou have a business that targets the female market ? If yes, you certainly understand that to seek, maintain, and increase customer not easy. Women have some unique characteristics. There are certain things in women that makes it a unique market. Feature – unique characteristics in women can be classified in 5 points.

Overcoming all the unique characteristics that exist in women, here’s 5 Point you must understand to maintain women customer :

1. The Connection

” Women do not only shop to buy, but also to establish a connection. ” In some specific product categories, brand women serve as a tool for self-expression. Women looking for similarities in the product he wants to buy. Get up connection, for a woman to have a relationship with the brand and build connections with fellow customers.

2. Care

” Women like to be liked and loved, then, be a playboy ! ” the point is, women want to be heard, considered, and understandable. As much as possible to fulfill the needs of women customers before they ask. It’s good to keep abreast of trends to meet customer desires. Continue to innovate to keep up with what the will of women.

3. Value

” Women want to pay less, but get a lot. Women are creatures of value oriented. Not surprisingly , women love to bargain, ” Women want to get the benefits of the product as much as possible. He will carefully do research or survey about the quality of a product before making a purchase. He likes to seek advice from fellow female consumers. Not to mention the numerous media that provide product knowledge, consumers became more discerning.

4. Empathy

Empathy has now become something that is increasingly important in building a brand ( brand – building ), why ? Know Oprah Winfrey ? Richest woman in the world to build a brand in its own name which made ​​him liked by anyone, he was known as a person who has empathy beyond usual. When you reach a point high enough and able to share with others, share it. Perform programs of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility ) to build the empathy of the customer.

5. Trusts

” Because of the importance of trust for women consumers, we dare say, ‘ marketing to a woman is about winning her trust.” Trust becomes a source of mutual understanding, mutual love, mutual care, mutual giving and mutual commitment among female consumers and the brand. “

Find Business Ideas from Everyday Life

businessIdeasBusiness ideas can come from any era. The great businesses sometimes find new ideas through the experience of everyday life, which is sometimes taken for granted.

Here are some ways to find creative ideas through everyday life.

Make a list of activities

At any time, there is always a task or job to be completed. While undergoing daily life, try to make a list of activities that may be overlooked by others, abandoned, or even difficult. Sometimes, events like that that could be a potential opportunity.

Start from the experience itself. Ask yourself, what can make you annoyed ? What was easy, fun, or comfortable ?

Hunting ideas in different places

New ideas require creativity, so try to go places that are diverse and you’ve never visited before. You might just find a great idea while on vacation or finding unexpected inspiration while visiting an art exhibition.

Open your eyes wide, then you will find the answer. A hunter ideas will not only ask, but also will try to feel a new experience. Do not ever hesitate to learn new things, even if you feel it is hard to do.

See how others solve problems

There’s always a situation where you are faced with a problem . Try to see how others solve the problem, because this is your chance to learn. See the simple things, such as how to organize a mini market their inventory, how a bundle can captivate your eyes, or how Amazon could encourage people to shop. You can borrow or re-use these ideas, then apply to your business.

Tips How To Business Negotiation

negotiateMost of the business issues in the field turned out to be caused by a lack of understanding of the business people of the importance of negotiation and how to do it right. In fact, negotiation is often more decisive than the agreement in black and white, especially in the early start of cooperation. Even sometimes also negotiating extemporaneous. As a result, when done, the negotiations only be in vain and we are so loss of time and effort. In fact, the losses could have been avoided if business people negotiating position as a crucial element in running the business cooperation.

The ability to negotiate must be diligent honed. Prior to formulate it in the form of a clause, you must perform a successful negotiation, because a successful negotiation is the spirit of the preparation of the contract.

The essence of negotiation is preparation. Look at the art of negotiation as a process and be conscientious. There are several things you should consider in negotiating, among others, as follows.

1 . Make a target achievement of the negotiations are going to do

Determine the minimum requirements that you must earn, as well as the maximum terms will you offer. Think and prepare a variety of alternative roads to offer a solution that you want, do not just prepare one way. If in the first negotiation was not reached an agreement, do the second way.

2 . Perform comprehensive research

The desire to learn and know whom you are negotiating. Learn also the weakness and strength. Go up to the covert. In this research, we recommend that you work alone and do not need to ask for help from others. Meet the truth, and do not fall on others or conclusion statement for a moment. Get evidence, documentation, and numbers intact. Negotiator always do your research to find out the character of his opponent, the background, habits, hobbies, preferences, etc. Proved that most of the businesses won contracts not at the conference table, but on the golf course, a yacht, or a restaurant.

3 . Discuss the topic was limited to issues that are negotiated

Separate ego and your personal life. Do not let personal problems hinder the ongoing negotiation process. Large companies usually have special negotiating team. They realize the importance of negotiation, so they put the right people to do this important work. In one team usually consists of several people with different skills. Separation of the negotiating teams from another division intended to prevent personal conflicts during the negotiation process.

4 . Consider the primary purpose of negotiations

Remember the end result that we want in negotiations. Negotiation is not a matter of winning or losing, let alone to bring down an opponent. Keep your emotions, and remain level-headed. Never mind, the ego, or the urge to be selfish.

5 . In negotiating, remain as fair as possible

You need to think about the advantages and goodness for all parties. Do not create things that will likely lead to unfair competition or hostility.

6 . Provide alternate win-win solution to the opponent

Be flexible to the possibilities. This flexible attitude will help you to get out of the impasse. Prepare several alternative solutions that can create conditions predicted for the mutual benefit of all parties.

7 . Complete the negotiation process with a quick and straightforward

Avoid factors that tiring the opponent and yourself. The negotiation process need not linger. In addition where the negotiations should also be conducive, easily accessible, and cultivated calm, quiet, and not much interference from outside.