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Tips keep your Data stay safe on the Internet

safe your dataFrom a number of studies, only a handful of entrepreneurs who understand how a security attack could easily destroy the effort they build.

“The threat is very real and ignore it could cause the decimation of your business. So, how do You protect yourself? “. Here are some tips to consider for the sake of maintaining data security.

Use common sense

Delete dubious attachment – especially if it is sent from an unknown source. For example, do not download animated an enticing from the site seems very unprofessional. And don’t click on links in messages that seem odd or uncharacteristic, though he was sent by a ‘ friend ‘.

A common method used by the attackers was disguised as a friend and send a message with the file that is infected with malware to other users.

Smart when downloading

This confirms the importance of avoiding downloading files that You can not be sure of security, including freeware, screensavers, games and other executable programs – each file with the extension *. exe or *. com as ‘ coolgame .exe ‘.

If you have to download from the Internet, be sure to scan every program before running it. Save the entire download into a folder, and then run a virus/malware inspection on anything in that folder before using it.

Be careful with email attachments and links

According to Data from MessageLabs Intelligence indicate that 1 out of 168 emails contain malware. Check out the whole email attachment that goes against malware, although employees recognize and trust the sender.

Today’s attackers are increasingly being implemented very directional methods in which they are researching the victim is important in any company and use social engineering-based attacks that have been adjusted to achieve access to the network belonging to the victim. Malicious code could then enter into the system with the present as if from a known source.

In addition, make sure your email program does not automatically download the attachment. Please refer to security options or preferences menu of your email program for further instructions.

Use a reliable security solution

Current security solutions – are present as software or through a centralized service – can do more than just virus prevention. They scan the file regularly to know the unusual changes in the size of the file, the program that corresponds to the software’s malware database, a suspicious email attachment, and other warning signs. This is the most important step that can be done by small businesses to keep your computer clean from malware.

Keep up to date

A security solution is only as good as how often it is updated. Viruses, worms, trojan horses and other new malware is born every day, and their variations could have been missed by software that is not updated.

A good solution is to do this directly, but if you want to reduce the load completely, you can also use a centralized service, which will automatically perform the update transparently through Internet connections to help keep the system’s employees up-to-date and consistent with company policy, either while they are in the Office or in the field.

Make sure you educate employees on these points and to implement policies that ensure that you follow the guidelines above.

Perhaps it takes an investment of time and money in the beginning, but precautions will save you more time and money in the future. Don’t let your company at risk of being victims of malware attacks.

Tricks To Keep The Confidentiality Of Business Email

safe emailAn Entrepreneur in his business activities run technology era with aided by technology. One of the products most used technologies in support of entrepreneurship is email. Exchanging emails is a daily routine that already the plural is found.

However, not every entrepreneur knows and realizes that the confidentiality of the information exchanged with outside parties as well as important to the sustainability of their business. Invest in security aspects of business information should be one of the priorities of the entrepreneur.

The risk that must be faced if the Exchange information with email is tapping in the middle of the process of delivery of messages, you might never realize. Second, copy and the rest of your message on your computer or cell phone can be accessed also by those who idly or malicious.

Then what should you do if You want to email the secret to business associates or employees are not leaked to the unwanted third parties? Refer to the descriptions below.

Beware the lurking

The computer gives you easy access to email communications. Anyone who happens to be entered in your system, whether it’s while you’re writing an email or when you are not in front of the computer, could potentially read Your email message that is typed or sent, or incoming email messages to your inbox. You must take reasonable safeguards to minimize the risk of leaking this information.

For beginners, do not leave Your email client is open without supervision or at least don’t let open so easily readable by others. Minimize the window. Whether you are using the Microsoft Outlook application or web-based email systems like Gmail, you must hide the window or closing it.

You must ensure that the crank can figure out information on your screen when you leave your computer for a long period of time. Many people know how to turn off the computer and locked it with a key word upon leaving office and may now have to eat lunch, but they might get off guard when a few minutes chatting at a desk job other colleagues.

As a precaution, you should install the screensaver is set to appear before such as 15 minutes. When the mouse or keyboard is touched in the longer dri 15 minutes, keyword box appears to be able to access that computer.

In addition, do not use words that are easy to guess as keywords. Do not use words that can be found in the dictionary.

Protect your web-based email

Web-based Email has its advantages can be displayed anywhere, anytime and from any device that is connected to the virtual world. Unfortunately, there are also risks.

On any computer, especially on a public computer or shared like in a hotel or library, make sure you exit (log out) web email client. Forgot to get out of your account, it will make someone else using it after Your PC for reading and accessing your information.

Another trick is to clear history (history) and cache in your browser program. This is because both can expose email messages with ease. When you use private browsing ‘ mode ‘ web sessions, you will be more secure, because all of the data will not be stored in the cache or history.

The trick here is that you can use to install the program to your browser (browser) alternative so you can use a browser other than the default browser to access email. Other people likely to be using the default browser instead.

Email encryption

However you lock the computer, your email is still risky for hijacked when switching dri email server to your computer. The dangers of tapping emerging.

You can prevent it by using encryption. For encrypted email, unauthorized users who are trying to tap will be deterred when want to read information in it. Without good content, decrypting email messages cannot be read.

For web-based email (Gmail or Yahoo Mail), you can use SSL encryption (Secure Sockets Layer). The majority of users use SSl-encrypted web page with a small lock icon is displayed on the browser page. Or with a URL that starts with “https” instead of “http”.

Microsoft Outlook can also send encrypted email, but instead of using SSL, it relies on key privacy and public system. The message will be encrypted using the key privacy and only the recipient who has a public key that can be used to display the email. public key can be distributed by any recipient, no matter they use Outlook or not.

After sending an email

Security issues does not stop until there are. After sending the email, you still need to protect the public by ensuring the recipient does not forward (forward) email it to others or share those messages to another person.

Microsoft Outlook has a feature or information rights management IRM that allows users like us to control which email is delivered. While you are typing an email in Outlook 2010, choose “Options” in the menu bar, click the arrow under Permissions, and make sure to select the option “Do Not Forward”. Recipients who do not use the email client that supports IRM from Microsoft should download the rights management add-on for Internet Explorer to display the email.