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Tips How To Keep The Cooler Operating At The Proper Level

You’re ‘that guy’ in your friend group — the one with the awesome walk-in cooler. One step into that special room and you’re wrapped in a blanket of frigid air that keeps all of your beverages ice-cold. But what happens if something goes wrong? How do you keep the cooler operating at the proper level? These maintenance tips will ensure you keep your status as the coolest guy on the block.

1. Clean it regularly.walk in Cooler

Despite the cold environment, bacteria and germs can still form within the cooler. Make sure to clean the floor and keep it free of debris. Wipe down any metal surfaces with soap and water, avoiding harsh chemicals that may damage the metal. If anything spills, clean it quickly; you don’t want unexpected spots of ice within the floor.

2. Inspect the seals quarterly.

Inspect the seals

The fastest way to destroy a cooler is to make it work harder than necessary. At least on a quarterly basis, take the time to inspect the seals around the door and any other entrances to ensure your walk-in cooler isn’t leaking air. If it is, replace the seal and fix the issue. The more demand placed on the cooling machinery, the shortest the lifespan the device will have.

3. Monitor the temperature.

temperature check

Keep an eye out for massive fluctuations in temperature, as these can be indicative that something is malfunctioning. You can install additional systems to output a graph at the end of each day that shows the average temperature and any spikes the cooler experienced. These devices can store up to 10 years of operational history to give you an idea of what to expect in terms of performance.

4. Keep the condensing units clear.

clean condensing units regulary

Many people make the mistake of covering the air intake valves. These areas must be kept clear of blockages to ensure the unit is able to pull in the proper amount of air. At the same time, you need to ensure the output vents are also clear. You don’t want the build up of extra heat that may feed back into the cooler.

If something does break or malfunction, walk in cooler accessories are available from specific retailers. Make sure to purchase the right device to ensure the proper, continued operation of your walk-in cooler. After all, you don’t want what’s stored inside to go bad.