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Causes Of Failure In Business

the effortEntered the entrepreneurial world indeed is not as easy to plan and dream a success.

There are so many challenges to be faced that often makes us have to choose between 2 options; still struggling to cope with these challenges or even give up and burying all the dream to become a successful entrepreneur.

Among the many business people, maybe only a handful are still struggling to cope with these challenges and continue his efforts, while most of the others chose to close the book.

But in General, they are choosing the first option that will achieve success in accordance with the hard work that they do.

May we all often wonder, what exactly caused the failure that could happen and why entrepreneurship challenge were so difficult to face.

Here are a few things which are often unconscious brought failure in self-employment:

Do not have skills in leading

The nature of leadership needed by the business person. The nature of the good leadership, of course, gives priority to the good of the company, whether it’s in terms of deciding corporate issues, even to lead employees.

You should have the capability of leading a number of staff, have a clear vision, and ability to provide proper direction for a number of employees. Surely it could be accepted by subordinates so there happens such thing as dysfunction of leadership.

Poor financial management

At any given time, your business may experience an increase in sales. It could even be said to continue to skyrocket so that constraint seems non-existent.

But keep in mind, that there is one behind the time in which your business experienced a downturn. It is indeed often happens so you have to be clever in regulating finance.

For example, your business is in need of a reserve fund to cover losses.

If you don’t have extra funds, the business will continue to experience a downturn, and will gradually roll the mat itself.

Overly confident in the products that are for sale

Products sold could be highly in demand, especially when those products are the trend among customers. These products will obviously be easily sold to the customer.

In this case, if you are wrong decisions, then you certainly will need the tips rise from business failure because that business would be a very great risk of failure. How can?

This decision was wrong by buying products in great abundance in the hope it will be sold.

But unfortunately, this will be difficult so that when the trend is over, then there will be a buildup of unsold products. This obviously will make difficult an income from these products.

Products sold only

You are selling the same product with other businessmen, but why these other successful businessmen, while your fact could not sell the product at all. Then what’s wrong?

The answer is a product that you sell do not contain uniqueness, or looked of mediocrity so that customers are reluctant to buy it from you.

The Effort Is Not Clear

Many businessmen who are pioneering the effort without determining the vision, mission, goals, and planning, so that either the owner or employees do not know what kind of business focus will be executed.

Maybe if you can not make it explicitly, the business owner can tell the employees directly about what you want to achieve and what the company later if the vision has been achieved. By doing so, the employee knows what to do and trying to achieve that vision.

Too Fast Developing Business Scale

It is indeed good to expand business scale becomes larger, provided the foundation that owned such business has been strong and it is hard to crumble when obstacles come.

To expand business scale, the company is in dire need of human resource skills, able to work well, and loyalty. No need to rush to develop. Better be strong alone used to be owned by the Foundation while designing the concept development.

Want to Move from Employee Be an Entrepreneur? Follow 5 These Steps

successful entrepreneurshipBe an entrepreneur or have their own business did indeed become the dream of many people. However, not many of them are difficult to realize these dreams. Not just because it doesn’t have enough experience and stock, a lot of people who are still stuck with the life they are living now.

If we probe to the back, have you ever thought that the life lived by most people only follow a common perception in the community.

Since childhood, we have been taught to continue to study diligently in order to get satisfactory results, admission to the flagship school, successfully entered the majors in college and wish all the success achieved during school can help you to climb the career ladder quickly.

You keep on trying hard to be able to have enough money that you can save as a replacement for the old days. In fact, when go to age 40 years, many people are quite dissatisfied with the life they are living and began to question, whether this actually is indeed that actually want to do?

For most people, living life as an employee and continues to pursue a ladder of success already tasted enough, but trying to be the boss and build your own company is also worth a try.

Here are a few tips that you can use when want to switch profession of an officer being an entrepreneur

1. You are ready to start everything from scratch

To begin pioneering a business, the first thing you must instill in ourselves is the intention and set themselves that you’re ready to remove all of the effort and exertion for pioneering it all from scratch.

Don’t be too weighed down by past experience or thoughts that can prevent you from doing what you have wanted for a long time.

2. Know what you want to do

So you can figure out what exactly you want to do, you can try to ask things like: “what’s your passion?”, “what you’ve got Skills”, “what things have significant value for yourself” or other things, etc.

With the continuous asking about this yourself, trust will later appear and can help you to steer your way to the proper path.

3. Finding the right mentor

It is indeed very necessary thing to do. Try to search for and find the right mentor will help you in determining what steps should be taken.

In addition, the presence of a mentor, you can save time and costs incurred as compared when You initiated it all yourself.

4. Work effectively and efficiently

We all have the same time 24 hours a day. However, some people are thus able to complete their work more with time.

Why is it that way? If you ask about it, then the answer is efficiency and effectiveness of the time they spend as best as possible.

If you’ve decided to open a new business, then you must also set aside a portion of the time owned for the sake of taking care of the business that you would like to attend.

Therefore, You should be able to set the time as best as possible so that the work you do now can remain fulfilled while taking care of business starts.

5. Knowing the right time

Growing business while still working on the job that there would indeed be a drain on your time in such a way.

When you get into this situation, then you should be careful in reading opportunities. Life is full of choices as well as a great opportunity you have to take for the sake of the living can continue in the direction of better.

If you are running a business can continue to thrive until its income equals earnings your work, you can choose to leave existing jobs and focus on businesses that are run.

Yes, it took courage and determination are great indeed to be able to do this. It’s okay if you feel you have not been able to leave the work that you are living. Most of the time until you are truly ready to take a decision.

The environment will continue to trap You to live a life of mediocrity. With the switch to become an entrepreneur, you can live life and have diverse experiences that are not necessary you can accomplish when you select to become employees throughout life.

Want To Be A Successful Entrepreneur? Avoid 5 These Things

successful entrepreneurshipBeing an entrepreneur and being able to run a business you want is indeed very boasts. Especially if the purpose of your business is capable of great success and profitability.

However, success in the entrepreneurial world is not easy; need perseverance, discipline, as well as the extra work for the sake of achieving the expected results.

Any business that you take, running his career as an entrepreneur will not escape from the challenge. You will be confronted with a wide range of impediments, which sometimes must be drained, emotional, and financial burden that should be Your responsibility.

Behind all the exertion had already issued the entrepreneurs, many of them occasionally regret for not doing the things that can make their business performances.

Here are a few things you should avoid in order to become successful entrepreneurs:

1. Do not take more risk

Need a little effort to achieve early success of yourselves. But with five this way, early success 100%, you would get.

Being an entrepreneur, you are required to be able to take the risk to progress Your business ahead. Many entrepreneurs who are too comfortable with the way the work ethic as well as conventional point of view they already do everyday. This resulted in their fear to take another strategy or expand business networks that are currently living.

There is nothing wrong about this. But five years from now you might just regret not taking more risks which might be a profitable business that you have.

2. Not to employ the right people

Employees are also needed as superior to encourage them to increase their performance.

New entrepreneurs tend to be more energetic, able to make decisions more quickly so that products can be more quickly accepted in the market. Sometimes, the target must be quickly they fill resulted in their not too careful in hiring people.

This eventually resulted in the number of jobs that cannot be resolved properly. Employing highly dedicated employees will greatly influence on the progress of your business.

3. Do not listen to the opinions of others

Sometimes the guy is upset with the chatty chick. But believe me sincerely and loyalty, his heart is incredible.

When you try your luck as an entrepreneur, one compulsory abilities that you have is the ability to take your own decisions. You are the people who will decide where the ultimate goal of your business that much.

However, many entrepreneurs who eventually too egotistical and not to listen to the opinions of others in taking decisions. In fact, the opinions of practitioners of business or people who are already proficient in the field can greatly help you in taking decisions that are best.

For that try to listen to the opinions of the people before you make your decision. Even if you end up disagreeing with the opinion of the person, you will better understand the good, the bad, and the risks to be covered later.

4. Very seriously to works

When you choose to work as an entrepreneur, business success you have will depend on the achievement of which is able to achieve.

This has resulted in too many entrepreneurs to dedicate the whole time and his energies to work, eventually creating the work ethic and office environments.

5. Does not share the time with good

For working mothers, it is difficult to divide the time to breastfeed the baby. Here are tips that you can apply

Try to divide the time you have with the best possible. It is indeed difficult to balance work and personal life, especially if the progress of the efforts that you have completed there is in the hands of you.

However, your personal life also has the same interest with the Affairs of much work you every day. You should be able to set aside time for yourself, family, and work so it can be created a good working mood.

Starting a business and worked as an entrepreneur is not just reaching the intended target. But a career as an entrepreneur is not limited to there. The most important thing is when you are able to appreciate every step you take and enjoy all the journeys is experienced.

Take time to consider your decision carefully. Spend yourself with people you like and enjoy the time owned as possible without leaving the responsibility.

9 Bad Nature So That Makes You Failed Entrepreneur

failed entrepreneurMany people have a dream to build his own business and become a successful entrepreneur. But on his way there works, not a few people also encountered a failure.

The failure could be originated from yourself. No matter how great your spirit to build businesses, some bad habits that you do can make Your business go bankrupt in the middle of the road.

The following 9 bad nature which could make employers fell in failure:

1. Find an excuse

Many people fail because often make excuses. While, the most common reasons people use when unable to achieve the goal is running out of time.

2. Love to blame others

Every profession, whatever that good entrepreneurs, employees and officials when they fail to make an effort and blaming the other party, then certainly he will be the one that will never work.

3. Dishonest

Cheating is part of dishonesty. Praising someone to hide criticism against it has just made things worse.

4. Lazy

Those who fail are those who are lazy. Often arrive late, do not like to read, and don’t like the hard work that the nature can bring you to the brink of failure.

5. Overly confident

Confidence is a trait that is required. But certainly confidence has a certain boundary. Caution failure of a businessman is often caused by the nature of it.

6. Hesitant in taking decisions

To take the decisions needed as much information as possible, but if it is too long and take a lot of time for other jobs can hinder.

7. Have no clear goals

Advance whether or not a company depending on its owner. For that entrepreneurs must have a real vision for promoting a company.

8. Difficult cooperation

A selfish businessmen felt able to regulate every aspect of their business. Whereas a more successful future business if it has a solid work team.

9. Not organized

Successful entrepreneurs will organize their busy lives. They create a good working system for their own.

Three Ways To Help Optimize Your Company’s Conversion Rates

SukantoTanotoThese days, many company leaders are realizing that their competition has grown stiff as a result of realities such as globalization. Since this is so, it’s important that you have access to strategies that can help you optimize your business functions and increase your conversion rates. Here are just three of many ways you can accomplish this objective:

1. Take Time To Network.

If you’re serious about ensuring that your company’s conversion rates start to skyrocket, you need to take time to network. This endeavor is important for many reasons, including the fact that attending events like conferences and lectures helps your brand gain more exposure in the public eye. Additionally, networking affords you the opportunity to connect with prospective business partners and find mentors who can help your company improve its bottom line and reputation in the local community. One wonderful individual to network with is Sukanto Tanoto. As a self-made entrepreneur, Tanoto has developed a plethora of successful businesses in Indonesia and also gives back to his local community through a variety of wonderful philanthropic projects.

2. Read.

Reading is one of the most effective ways for you to enhance your company’s conversion rates. When you read, you remain abreast of all of the best practices and emerging trends affecting the contemporary culture. Reading also helps expand your consciousness and increases your ability to relate to and connect with people from diverse backgrounds. The old expression “Readers are leaders” tends to be true, and optimizing your leadership qualities by becoming an avid reader is a wonderful way for you to become a big asset to your company.

3. Concentrate On Employee Development.

Yet another strategy you should put in place when you’re ready to optimize your company’s conversion rates is to invest in employee development. As many business experts will tell you, employees play a profound role in determining what your daily productivity and bottom line will be. In recognizing this reality, good company leaders should respond by investing in their employees such that they are in a process of continual growth and development. One of the best ways to get this ball rolling is to offer your employees the opportunity to attend conferences and lectures that will expand their knowledge of the industry. You should also consider the value of having your staff members participate in ongoing educational courses.


When you’re ready to take your company to a new level of success and professionalism that heightens its conversion rates, it’s important that you have an actionable plan in place. By implementing one or all of the aforementioned business strategies into your actionable plan, you will likely see the absolutely amazing bottom line that you want!

The Recipe Of Success To Be The Developer Of The Application

applicationA proliferation of mobile devices to boost the growth of mobile applications at stores such as the App Store app for iOS, Google’s Android Store to Play until Windows Phone Store. No wonder developers vying to make the application.

However, it was useless if the developer has struggled to develop an application, but the application does not print successfully. Although such applications are made quite interesting, but without proper marketing, applications that are created will be futile if not many download.

Therefore, for the developer, it is essential to promote and provide proper explanations about the application to draw attention and satisfy the interests of users. The following three ways if you want to succeed so the developer application:

1. start with the free version

Do not immediately jump in selling apps in the category of paid, unless the user is indeed never used it before. Especially if you are a new player, try to release a version that is available first. That way, users can get information about an application that you create. Ask for input from users about a free application that You release it. Once known, you should-be just launched paid version.

2. an interesting Presentation

Have a good application but if how to show it did not interest the user is also useless. An application that is served with good will surely attract the user. In addition, the media to promote those applications must also be considered. If you plan on promoting it application for the purpose of education, it will be better if education site and promote it on other related platforms.

3. don’t forget the application after release

One of the causes of failure in business is not managing the business properly. This is natural, because the business is already running remained serious attention needs of its owner. Same is the case in the release application, do not forget that after the application is launched at one store application.

Instead, try to routinely check the sale and use of its data, as well as the input given by the user. So You so know what features users like and dislikes from that application. This would be very useful if you are planning to release an updated version of her.