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The Benefit of Personalized Advertising Campaign

business strategyOne of the issues that frequently comes up regarding invoice processing is the ability to provide a personalized range of advertising. Many companies run distinct campaigns that target customer needs, and using marketing materials tailored to them is a key part of this strategy. When campaigns are personalized, marketing professionals will have a better idea of whether the strategy they are using for that particular customer is working.

Does Personalization Make a Difference?

One thing that marketing professionals have discovered is that personalization does make a difference in whether their efforts convert to sales. In many cases, simply seeing their name on something that arrives in the mail is enough to make them take a second look. Another effective way for companies to utilize this feature is to send several personalized messages promoting different products and services.

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A Greater Amount of Trust

An advantage that often comes with using a customer’s name in communications is that it gives more of an impression of trust. One of the messages that this approach sends is that the individual needs of the customer matter. Overall, customers feel more loyal to companies that they feel treat them as valued individuals.

Creating a Balance

One of the major issues that matters to customers is whether information companies receive is being shared with other companies. Although many people enjoy a high level of personalization, they also have legitimate concerns about their information’s security. Personalized offers must be sent in a way that reassures customers that their information is safe.

Placement Matters

Although the use of a first name makes a difference, the placement also makes a major impact. Ideally, the personalized part of the correspondence should take place within the first few lines for greater impact. Otherwise, the effort will largely fall flat. Sites like Lanvera.com make a world of difference.

Tracking Your Success

Printing your marketing materials with scannable codes is a good way to keep track of which materials were mailed to which customers. You can incorporate a special referral code that they may input online to distinguish the mail leads from straight online referrals. Don’t forget to use QR codes with special offers or discounts for mobile users.

Make Your Business More Than Profit Dredge

businessThe company was founded to make a contribution to society: bringing together the talent, ideas and capital to achieve something.

David Packard, co-founder of Hewlett Packard, is one of the first businessmen who argued that the fundamental purpose of a corporation is to make a contribution.

“I think a lot of people assume less true that a company stands only for profit. Although profit is an important result of the establishment of a company, we need to think more deeply and find the real reason for our existence. A group of people get together and exist as an institution so that they are able to accomplish something collectively that they could not accomplish when working alone. They were able to do something meaningful. They make a contribution to society. ”

The company is also increasingly making their contributions through charitable donations and their strategic involvement with community projects. Timberland Boot Company’s commitment to charity City Year, a nonprofit organization that gathers young people from all backgrounds for a year of full-time community service, began to turn into a larger partnership when company executives met with co-founder of City Year. “The meeting is important,” said Ken Freitas, vice president of marketing for Timberland.

He added that, because for the first time we realized that there was more than usual charitable contributions here. There is a real connection. Similarities between what every company wants to do and how each company plans to achieve its vision is very surprising. ”

Both companies develop a partnership on an ongoing basis. Timberland sponsoring events City Year and Timberland employees voluntarily working for City Year projects. These staff feel very proud of the partnership with City Year and feel that both the employee and the company is making a positive contribution to society.

Muhammad Yunus, founder of Grameen Bank, pioneered a new kind of community banks that offer loan in a very small amount to small enterprises in Bangladesh without requiring the presence of a loan guarantee. Each borrower must be a member of a group of 5 other borrowers, creating pressure between friends of individuals who are members of the group as a whole did not disappoint with negligence.

The vast majority of borrowers are women and omission rate is lower than the traditional banking system. This micro-loans have helped thousands of small businesses to continue to operate in poor rural areas. Jonah recognize those main concern in life is to make a contribution to society and who may choose to work in a nonprofit organization.

“They are very committed to making a difference in this world. They are motivated by social goals. They want to give you a better chance in life to others. They want to achieve the goal through the creation / support sustainable business. Their efforts may or may not be able to make a profit but they are not like other businesses may suffer losses. They create a new business class business that could be described as ‘no loss’. ”

Companies must generate a profit in order to justify the use of capital and to prove their efficacy and efficiency but the fundamental objective of any company is to make a contribution. Companies are increasingly often use the profits to make a greater contribution to the community through charitable donations. This charitable activity can develop into a significant strategic partnership involving the two companies on many levels. Employees can get the high satisfaction of knowing that the company they contribute to the community through partnerships and the opportunity to get involved personally. People are more and more talented young people who choose to work for companies that can demonstrate that they make a contribution.

Turn on the Business Spirit ala Amazon.com

amazonInnovations made ​​spirits for a number of companies. Moreover, in an era filled with intense competition, innovation becomes a necessity. Without innovation, a company certain to be lagging behind its competitors.

Innovation in the business world must be made sustainable. Can not just be done shortly, after it dies. This pattern is exactly what the Amazon. com, a company in the list of top 10 most innovative companies in 2011 (Most Innovative Companies). In the list of 10 Most Innovative Companies 2011 issued by Forbes, the two companies are in the two rankings.

Both have value innovation premium of 58.9 and 57.6. Value of innovations made ​​by both companies is almost the same. Both are engaged in different but they both are in the same climate of tight competition. Amazon.com, for example.

Sector that they do already filled other top companies. Amazon is an online store that sells books, movies, games, DVDs, music CDs, computer software, and goods – other goods. Amazon is the largest online store for currently established in May 1994 in Manhattan by Jeff Bezos, a worker at DE Shaw.

Bezos is currently the CEO of Amazon.Dia is a figure that has always emphasized innovation in the company and all its employees. To prospective employees of Amazon, Bezos has always requested that they mention something they had found. Their findings could be small-scale, new product features, or a process to improve the customer experience, or also other novelties. “I want to know that they are going to try new things,” said Bezos.

Amazon recognized innovation made many circles. Businessweek some time ago delivered a number of reviews of the online sales company innovation. Amazon is doing business within the scope of the dot-com has shown impressive growth.

Based on data reported by Forbes, Amazon’s market capitalization reached 75.8 billion U.S. dollars. The company that employs 33,700 employees achieved sales this year (to March) of 34.2 billion U.S. dollars, with an average sales growth in the last five years reached 32%.

The present value of the company reached 92.7 billion U.S. dollars. Through innovation Similarly, Amazon survived the destruction of the dot-com (the dot-com bust) because it has a viable business model and innovative. Amazon moves quickly from just selling books to cover all kinds of consumer goods.

Many things have been done in developing its business Amazon. For example, by identifying new areas of potential growth by looking for other customers such as community activists of information technology (IT). They serve the needs of customers with the process and the different resources.

In 2002 Amazon launched a web services platform. Maybe it’s risky for a young company that only reached profitability in the same year to invest resources in the innovation of new business models rather than fixed to the core, but in five years that the site is used by service webplatform Amazon has grown to become the world’s seventh largest.

At the end of 2007, Amazon set up Lab126, which is one of its products is a Kindle e-book reader, this could potentially disrupt the publishing industry as a whole. Amazon continues to transform.

When finding opportunities to serve new customers or existing customers in new ways, then will compile and build new business models to exploit them.

Amazon has the unique ability to start and run a business type entirely new at the same time extracting value from existing business. Last year Amazon Businessweek predicts that the next trip will be characterized as a series of transformations continue to pursue the vision, business model innovation, and renewal.

To realize his pace, Amazon made ​​a number of bold steps and focus on adding value for the customer first. Identify the value begins with the thought of the work that has not been served or how the customer wants to be served.

“If you want to continue to revitalize the services you offer to customers, you can not stop at what you can consider. You have to ask what customers need and want. Then, no matter how difficult, you better get good at these things, “said Bezos, as reported by Businessweek.