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This Way Will Make You Have A Lot Of Friends In The Work Environment

friendSometimes though in a working environment despite the crowded with people, but not necessarily we have many friends in it. Often we as alienated in the crowd work environment. Many things can cause this to happen, and of course this will affect your work at the company. An uncomfortable working environment will automatically create a work atmosphere is also uncomfortable, especially for your own.

Different if you have a lot of friends at your place of work, a lot of friends will make the work more spirit, the atmosphere is full of familiarity and comfort. This kind of work environment far more healthy and will make you more productive work. If you are feeling lonely or lacking friends and want to have a lot of friends in the work environment then you need to do a few things below.

1. Don’t be afraid to Share

Share is a thing that still is something heavy was done by most employees. Especially in terms of science, many employees tend to be unwilling to share their knowledge with other co-workers. They like the fear you will become rivals when they have to share knowledge. General employees will not pretend to understand if asked for help to teach something.

It is actually not necessary, you do share, and don’t be stingy with the science. Believe me, the sharing of science will not make you into a shortage of science, quite the contrary, you will gain additional knowledge that You might never suspect before. Love to share with you to a different friend, then of course you will be liked by Your colleagues.

2. Please respect other’s work Friend

One way to have a lot of friends in the work environment is to appreciate a different friend. You must be the guy who can appreciate any of your co-workers. Respect of the tribe, race or religion they are, never abused her. In addition, appreciate your opinion and also their attitude toward something.

There may be times when their opinion is not the same with you, but don’t impose Your opinion then you and justify it. It would be better if mutually appreciative in discussions to get the best results in the company.

3. Don’t Become Flatterers in the work environment

It is important that you do, don’t be the one two-faced or even flatterers in the work environment. You have to work professionally, prioritizing performance and achievements you get a good career. Lest You bad-mouth the other co-workers in the eyes of your boss.

Maybe there is currently no one knows, but sooner or later will surely known also by your other co-workers. And if that’s the case, surely you will be shunned by your work friends, and of course you will be isolated and have no friends.

4. Participate in the activities of a work Friend

Be active in all activities that held your co-workers. Don’t isolate yourself in lonely, take occasionally in the activities organized by the friends of your work, this is the key to having a lot of friends in the work environment. Like for example if you invite friends work out together on weekends, just follow.

By following the activities of colleagues outside of work hours, will make Your friendship with them increasingly familiar and of course will make you more comfortable dealing with them. And this little lot will be carried away in a work environment in which you work on it.

5. Never stole the idea from a friend

It’s very important not to do, you do if you want to have a lot of friends in the work environment. Do not let you steal creative ideas from your friends. It is possible that one day you will be asked by your boss about something in the company.

If you have your own ideas Yes, please provide course directly to your supervisor. And perhaps you know the idea of your friends, you can deliver it as well but of course coupled with informing superiors that those ideas from your friends. Or you could just convey at a glance in order to later let your own friend who delivered whole to superiors.

First Steps That Help You To Find A Job

find a jobWhen you graduate from College, finding a job became one of Your future plans. See this you can plan the future jobs before graduating from college.

This is an effective way to free your career before you really struggled is in reality the difficulty of finding a job that is in line with the ability and creativity that you have. The following is a 3 step plan the work you have done as early as possible, even before you graduate from college.

1. Do the survey

Do a survey of the company’s dreams gives you more motivation to finish a study faster and merged with the company. This survey you can do by making use of virtual worlds, such as conducting a survey on the company’s website, open a LinkedIn profile and see some employees at the company as well as how the work atmosphere in there.

In addition, you can also do a survey directly with the apprentice in the company. This allows you to have a greater chance to join in the company’s dream. You can feel the atmosphere directly working there, interacting with other colleagues as well as his company faced a crisis and take part in the process of completion.

2. Arrange the meeting discussion

You can make an appointment to meet with your brother, or your acquaintances who already work. There is no harm while enjoying a weekend and drink coffee together and swap stories about choosing the right job with your character.

Through light discussions while hanging out, you can also find out how the atmosphere in the world of work. Those who are already working can also provide you with information and tips on how to get a job, the information that makes your motivation waxes

3. Active in various organizations

Actively involved in the organization allows you to further explore Your talents and abilities that will be applied to the world of work. Join the Board or professional associations at the University for example, can make you learn how to structure work for professionals and others. So also is the case when you are active in social organizations or volunteers who can train Your sense of leadership.

3 Men’s Professions That Often Surrounded By a Beautiful Women

the bartenderYou men and still single? Maybe you need the evaluation profession now. Because many men who are too focused on the job so as to forget the issues of romance. Moreover, it is compounded with the Office environment are rare or even absent women employees at all.

Well, start now to prepare a CV (Curriculum Vitae) and cover letter your work, get out of my comfort zone and try to apply yourself to a new job that allows you to meet with a lot of beautiful women. Here are a few professions man surrounded by many beautiful women:

1. Bartender

For some, the bartender may often be considered one eye. But it is undeniable that the bartender is also one of the coveted job of work by a lot of men. Because the work undertaken is unique, exciting and fun. The bartender can serve the visitors while doing attractions and while listening to music. Not to mention if you so the bartender, you potentially are often met with beautiful women.

2. The photographer

Lately, lots of men who are interested in becoming a photographer. Even sometimes not because of their photographic skills. But because they liked the work. Especially if the photo model is a beautiful woman. So each day a photographer can always meet up with gorgeous models. But it’s good if one job is also offset by the photography skills capable, so that not only the opportunity to utilize the benefits alone.

3. The Office Boy

Although still be underestimated by many people, this profession allows you every day to meet with a lot of beautiful women. Take advantage of this opportunity to be able to get through. you try so hard to be successful so many beautiful women approaching.

Anticipation Thief Idea In Your Office

As a worker, you are expected not only focused on its mandated job description of your leadership. You are also required to provide ideas and ideas for the betterment of the company. As good employees, you also meet the demands. Yes, after brainstorming, various ideas were milling through your mind. But unexpectedly, co-workers who also serves as the outpouring of your idea, the idea suddenly sabotaged. In fact, the fellow did not know this themselves, claimed in front of the leader, that the idea was his.thief ideas

So, how do you anticipate the thief this idea? First, make sure that the idea is purely yours, because there byword “There’s nothing new under the same sun”. Yes, it could be, it’s someone you’ve always thought of the idea is embedded in your mind. Only, he had his first representing them in front of the decision maker.

However, the characteristics of the thief could be known this idea really. Generally, they have an ambitious nature. All means will they take to realize their wishes, including stealing the idea. Could be, people like this, do not realize that they have committed reprehensible acts. Why, in their brains, which is important, their goals can be achieved.

If the work environment scattered around the creatures of this kind, cannot, you have to keep good idea in the mind. Talk necessary to teammate divisions, including your boss and write more in a computer file that has been given a secret password. You also must be fair when your colleagues contributed to this idea, make sure you mention them when present.

If the thief idea too far to commit this crime, then there is no harm in you confront him. Point out that the idea was yours, and he is not entitled to claim it as his own ideas and wishes to present the idea.

You must also have the courage to speak out in any formal meeting. Do not until you ‘borrow’ another person’s mouth to express his ideas. And, do not ever feel cured to convey ideas directly in front of the boss, when in the previous meeting your idea is rejected completely,

So, what if the idea has already been stolen? In addition to limiting interactions with actors, you also have to motivate yourself to continue to spawn brilliant ideas. Why, sooner or later, your colleague’s devious actions will surely come out, especially if the implementation is not running perfectly. And this means already finished his career at the company where you work.

If the thief is the boss of your own ideas, then you need to further improve the quality of your work. So that the company officials could assess the true quality that is within you. Next time, if your boss asks your opinion, you should not disclose details. Or, invite your boss to discuss until both arrive at conclusions together. And reiterate, that it belongs to the idea of ​​you and not your own boss.