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4 the best job for a MOM

Not easy to be a mother who also doubles as an employee of a company. Because, you have to be clever in dividing time between family and work. What if you just gave birth to a child, you are required to take care of children and focused on the job.

No need to worry, because there are now four jobs suitable for you who now becomes a mother. What are those? Here’s his review:

1. The writer


If you have skills in writing then realize into your work. All you need is Your thinking what to write. In addition, an author are not required to be in the Office. Flexibility time that allows you to be able to divide the time very well.


2. Interior design

Interior Design

Become an interior design can facilitate you in dividing time between family and work. In fact you can invite clients to talk about things that they want in your home.


3. Local tour guide

Local Tour Guide

If you’re a fan of traveling, the local tour guide may be the answer from all disquiet in dividing time between family and work. Please choose the nearest cities so you can monitor the family with ease.


4. Recipe Maker

recipe maker

For the womenfolk who love being in the kitchen to try every dish then pour in a Blog that can benefit you. Besides being able to do at home so much easier in monitoring the family, you can also hone skills in cooking that can be enjoyed by your beloved family.