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The Recipe Of Success To Be The Developer Of The Application

applicationA proliferation of mobile devices to boost the growth of mobile applications at stores such as the App Store app for iOS, Google’s Android Store to Play until Windows Phone Store. No wonder developers vying to make the application.

However, it was useless if the developer has struggled to develop an application, but the application does not print successfully. Although such applications are made quite interesting, but without proper marketing, applications that are created will be futile if not many download.

Therefore, for the developer, it is essential to promote and provide proper explanations about the application to draw attention and satisfy the interests of users. The following three ways if you want to succeed so the developer application:

1. start with the free version

Do not immediately jump in selling apps in the category of paid, unless the user is indeed never used it before. Especially if you are a new player, try to release a version that is available first. That way, users can get information about an application that you create. Ask for input from users about a free application that You release it. Once known, you should-be just launched paid version.

2. an interesting Presentation

Have a good application but if how to show it did not interest the user is also useless. An application that is served with good will surely attract the user. In addition, the media to promote those applications must also be considered. If you plan on promoting it application for the purpose of education, it will be better if education site and promote it on other related platforms.

3. don’t forget the application after release

One of the causes of failure in business is not managing the business properly. This is natural, because the business is already running remained serious attention needs of its owner. Same is the case in the release application, do not forget that after the application is launched at one store application.

Instead, try to routinely check the sale and use of its data, as well as the input given by the user. So You so know what features users like and dislikes from that application. This would be very useful if you are planning to release an updated version of her.