Custom Product Labels Enhance Your Brand

The return to the handmade has many millennial buyers searching for products that are locally made, handcrafted, and created in small batches. This is great news for you as the makers of custom products. However, to properly market your brand to consumers, most especially the savvy millennial, there are some very basic things that you must first address, and the foremost among these is your product labels.


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Perhaps, you are starting out on Etsy or in local farmer’s markets. Either way, knowing how to improve your product’s sales can prove challenging for the newly minted brand. Most consumers base product purchases on impulses that occur in just a matter of seconds. This means, that you have a very short window in which to sell your brand. This is where custom product labels and packaging come in handy. With the right look, your products are much more likely to turn a profit.

Professional Designs And Production Make A Better Impression

You have three seconds to entice a buyer to choose your brand. During this time you need to draw in the consumer and show her why your brand represents quality, and in order to do this you need the right packaging and labels. Labels affect the overall impression that your product makes on consumers. Thus, a product that has professionally designed and produced labels will find it easier to gain consumer trust.

The Details Matter

Once you have decided on your product’s container, then you may begin working on the design for your label. When designing the label for your product, take into a count details such as the size and shape of custom labels. These details may seem inconsequential. However, the size and shape can affect your product’s overall appearance and branding as well as impact the readability of your text and the position/ size of your graphics.

Take Time to Create Your Message

Creating a cohesive vision for your brand is an essential step in developing the packaging and labels for your product. Your graphics, fonts, materials, and colors should all reflect the message your brand wishes to convey. Additionally, take time to ensure that your labels and packaging are well crafted so they can fully display your product’s message while conveying the quality your brand represents.

Just What is the Cloud Anyway?

webdeploymenticloud“Cloud” is a current buzzword that’s being thrown around by consumers, but many consumers don’t even understand what it is. Although it suggests something soft and misty floating above our heads, it’s actually a physical infrastructure within the world’s computer industry.

While the term “cloud computing” has only been tossed around for the last 10 years, the idea has been around a long time. The term refers to the process of sharing resources to optimize computer performance and technology. In simple language, cloud computing uses a network of computers to store and process information instead of using a single computer.

In the 1950s when computer mainframes were huge, users often logged on to dumb terminals, computers that could interpret control codes but could not process special escape sequences. Dumb terminals could not clear the screen, clear a line or control the cursor position. They resembled mechanical teletype machines with the same limited functionality. Dumb terminals could not do anything without the mainframe. This antiquated terminal was an early time-sharing model, similar to cloud computing today. Instead of one huge mainframe, the cloud relies on a global infrastructure of servers and data centers that do all the work.

By the 1990s, advanced technology brought the idea of sharing resources to the computer industry with IBM I modernization and improved computer performance. In the mid 1990s, computer engineers began using a drawing of a cloud to reference patented network drawings. In 1996, Compaq engineers coined the term “cloud computing”, and a year later Apple iCloud technology was born. This new, revolutionary technology allowed you to store all your files in one place, then access them from any device and location. Today, with the Cloud and iPhone, you can start watching your favorite movie or TV show on your laptop, then switch to your tablet, and finish watching on your phone without missing a beat.

Cloud technology offers many advantages. It allows you to watch videos, play games, and retrieve documents and photos from any device with an Internet connection. Apple iCloud, Google Drive, Flicker, Netflix, Dropbox, Yahoo Mail, and Microsoft Office 365 all run on Cloud technology. Today, PC software and mobile apps are intertwined with Cloud technology, allowing you to do a variety of things from your computer, tablet or smartphone. In fact, you may be surprised just how many of your favorite things are in the Cloud!

Tote Bags Make a Great Gift

nice bagThere will be times in your life when you will be invited to the birthday party of a friend. It is not a very close friend. You hang out with this person occasionally. However, you are not extremely close. These types of situations can make buying a gift for the person extremely difficult. You want to get the person a nice gift because you like him or her. However, you do not want to spend the same amount of money that you would if you were buying a gift for someone that you are very close to and have known for many years. What is the protocol for giving a gift in this situation? In this case, give a gift that is inexpensive and useful. Here are several reasons why tote bags make a great gift.


1. Most people need one

A tote bag is one of those items that people can always find a use for. They are very practical and can benefit people with a wide range of lifestyles. This is the ideal type of gift to buy for someone you are not close enough to that you would want to spend over $50. People need to carry things in their daily lives. It might be books for school, a laptop for travel or papers for work. A tote bag will help them to carry these things easier.

2. They are inexpensive

It is ideal for those people who are strapped for cash and need to do their gift shopping on a tight budget. A tote bag will not set you back very much. At the same time, the person you give it to is sure to love it. It is always the thought that counts when it comes to giving gifts. However, it is always nice if the recipient of your gift thinks you spent a lot on it. There are a wide range of tote bags you can choose from that look elegant and cost a small amount. A nice selection of promotional tote bags can be found if you check out

3. They are appropriate gifts for many occasions

You can give a tote bag as a gift on many different occasions and you will not look foolish. Therefore, you have the chance to give tote bags to many of your friends when you are invited to various functions where guests are expected to bring gifts.

Invoice Your Customers In A Smooth And Efficient Manner

streetinvoicehandIf you have recently established your own small business, you ought to be aware that there is plenty more work to be done before you can begin to consider yourself as being comfortably established in the community. One of the most crucial areas that a new business simply cannot afford to be lax in is customer relations.

Establishing Good Relations With Your Base Of Customers

If you cannot quickly establish a strong and lasting relationship with your customer base, you very likely won’t survive beyond your first year of operations. And one of the most important areas that you cannot afford to be lazy in is the smooth, orderly, and efficient invoicing of all of your incoming and outgoing payments.

Get Your Incoming And Outgoing Payments Organized Immediately

Proper invoicing of all of your customers is an extremely important factor in keeping your business running in peak condition. When a customer logs on to your official company website in order to purchase goods or services from your web store, you need to make an exact record of the payment and get it out to them immediately once the transaction is completed. There is no excuse for any delay in this crucial matter.

Why Is The Invoicing Process So Crucial To Your Business?

The invoicing process is crucial to the health and longevity of your business for a number of reasons. Perhaps the most important reason is that you need to have an accurate and up to date record of all of your incoming and outgoing payments so that you will never spend more than you take in.

It’s no fun being audited by the IRS over delinquencies in your tax returns, nor is it a pleasant experience to be sued by a customer over a disputed bill for goods and services that they feel they were overcharged for. Keeping track of your profits and expenses is simple common sense.

Professional Help With Your Invoicing Needs Is Available

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the prompt fulfillment of your invoicing needs, it’s an excellent idea to call upon the services of a professional customer invoicing specialist. The sooner you get this crucial area of your business transactions squared away, the sooner you can get back to concentrating on what really matters: Selling goods and making profits.

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6 Ways to Increase Efficiency at the Office

increase businessAre you tired of gazing at sleepy-eyed employees? Or maybe you’re frustrated that you keep missing your sales goals. Here are just a few ways to get your office back on track.

1. Set Clear Goals

Most of your employees want to make you happy. It’s just that they aren’t always sure how to do it. To decrease confusion and increase productivity, start setting clear goals each week. These can be anything from “cold-call X number of potential customers” to “make X number of sales.”

2. Offer Incentives

Positive reinforcement can work wonders to motivate your employees. For example, they’ll be much more incentivized to meet that deadline if everyone who does so gets an extra half-hour for lunch the next day. You can also offer cash, sweepstakes winnings and even better parking spots.

3. Go Paperless

No one likes paperwork. So why not get rid of it entirely? In addition to boosting morale among your staff, you’ll also be able to reduce office overhead when you’re no longer required to buy pens, staplers, copiers, printers and other paper-related tools. You’ll be doing your part for the environment and saving money.

4. Get Organized

Start commenting on messy desks and sloppy reports. Encourage the use of something like a BPM software solution for better office workflow. Hang a billboard in the middle of the foyer so everyone is always on the same page in terms of quotas and deadlines. The more organized you are, the more your good example will influence others.

5. Open the Windows

Fresh air and sunshine can have an invigorating effect on dim, dusty cubicles. If you’re looking for an easy way to help your employees get over their post-lunch fatigue, throw open the windows and let the sunshine in.

6. Change Your Light Bulbs

In the same vein as the above, never underestimate the effect that fresh light can have on your employees. White light is specifically said to be good for offices since it stimulates the brain and boosts cognitive function. Say goodbye to those useless halogen bulbs and hello to bright white CFLs!

These are just a few tips for increasing productivity at the office. Remember, most of your employees want to give you their best, but various things around the office are working against them. Use these tips to fix that.

New Technology Helps Companies Become More Efficient

technologyCompanies today are working very hard to become more efficient in all of their activities. Simply put, with competition being so fierce out in the marketplace today, there is no longer an option for companies to just throw away money. Even when companies are meeting, they need to make sure that they are using their resources in a way that is productive. There is where meeting productivity software comes into play for these companies. With some of the technology out on today’s market, companies no longer have to worry about whether they are wasting time.

Productive People

It has been argued by some business analysts that it is possible to get some value out of every minute of a meeting. Discussions can lead to new products, and decisions can be made that will positively impact the future of the company. By measuring what takes place in every meeting, companies can make sure that they are not just sitting around in a board room for no reason. There are many potential benefits to using software that helps to make meetings a more efficient process for companies today.

For one, companies can have their employees out of the board room and doing more work. By wasting less time in meetings, employees are able to make sales calls, work on marketing proposals, and do whatever else they might need to do. This is true for executives, as well. These are people who have high time value going on, and when that time is wasted in meetings, companies are not nearly as efficient as they otherwise could be.

It is simple enough for companies to use this software to ensure that they are doing everything that they can in meetings. One of the most commonly mentioned drawbacks to using technology is that companies are adding something else that must be learned by some member of the staff. This is true, of course, but the modern technology today is not at all difficult to learn. This makes it almost a no-brainer decision for companies to implement some kind of monitoring protocol. This goes very well with the new emphasis among companies and executives on using metrics. Companies today have figured out that when they make good use of technology and software, they are no longer playing a guessing game, and can instead plan better for the future. This is one important set of tools in helping to achieve this goal.

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