How to Save Money While Jobless

Do not work and do not have a fixed income so the barriers faced by people who are unemployed. Under these conditions, financial conditions became difficult to control.manage-money

Even if they work as a freelancer, it was not necessarily a solution for income earned erratic nature.

But, you don’t have to worry. There are several things you can do to save money despite its status as unemployed.

Here are tips that you can use to help manage your financial problems:

1. Avoid the habit of draining money

Forget the desire to buy shoes, laptop, or a new TV you desire when he became unemployed. Life without a job is not the right time for you to spend a lot of money.

Also avoid some habits that can drain money quickly like smoking, sightseeing or dining in a fancy restaurant.

2. Use alternative transportation

Using public transport can be a way to save gasoline and and vehicles.

Costs required to ride public transportation is quite affordable. This allows you to save more money.

3. Eat at home

One easy way to save money is to eat at home. Than to eat at the restaurant and spend more money, you can cook your own meals are preferred.

You can start shopping for groceries in traditional markets such as rice, chicken, vegetables, fruit, and herbs to meet the needs of daily meals.

4. Save time shopping needs

When should the shopping needs in the supermarket, you can save money by buying goods in greater amounts. You can also use a coupon for a discount.

5. Being a freelancer

You can add financial coffers to become a freelancer. A lot of work can be done without having a contract and unfettered time.

You can also take advantage of their expertise to offer services in specific areas.

6. Create a spending plan

It will be easier to control finances that exist when you have a good spending plan.

In the spending plan, avoid spending your money on some requirement unnecessary. Do not forget to create a spending plan as realistic as possible.

7. Avoid using credit cards

Never try to add to your current debt status as unemployed. For that reason, avoid using credit cards when making a payment.

Cash limited help you to not be wasteful or spend greater than demand.

Non-Bank Lenders Can Provide a More Customized Loan With Your Necessary

loansapprovedWhen it comes to borrowing money, the first place most people go is the bank. However, without the proper credit or financial history, it can be hard to be approved for a loan from the bank. Luckily, there are other options. Non-bank lenders can provide the necessary funding someone needs without the hassle of the bank; while there are tradeoffs, many people find non-bank lenders to be a far better option in the end.

1. Competitive rates.

Many non-bank lenders offer rates that are just as competitive as those at the bank, and come sometimes actually be a cheaper option in the long run. The only way to know for sure is to evaluate your repayment period and the interest rate. Doing a bit of simple math can help you determine what the best option is for you.

2. Lower barriers to entry.

Banks are known for being very difficult to get a loan from. However, non-bank lenders often have less strict criteria for qualifying for a loan. If your credit isn’t as great as it could be or you’ve been declined a loan in the past, going to a non-bank lender may be the better option for you until you’ve built up more credit.

3. Customer service.

Banks tend to serve thousands of customers at any given time. However, non-bank lenders can provide a more customized, personalized experience. They also offer more niche types of loans to suit your specific needs. A bank may only be able to provide loans under certain circumstances, but a non-bank lender can provide you with funding for a more obscure business proposition or type of home.

Of course, banks are more secure in times of economic downfall. They have more regulations and, in most cases, government backing that protects them during turbulent periods. However, if you have no way of receiving a loan from the bank, going through a third-party lender may be your best option. Take the time to evaluate your specific needs and then determine whether a bank or a non bank lender is the proper choice to fit your situation.
Determining this ahead of time and discussing your vision for the loan with the lender can help you find the right product and time line to pay it back without putting you in a financial bind.

6 Reasons Why Your financial Resolutions Always Failed

financial plansThe new year is usually filled with various resolutions. And usually, the resolution is just the first quartile in many earlier years. Next, you begin to lose morale or even completely forgotten with new year’s resolutions.

But if your new year’s resolution related to finances, it’s time to get serious. A good financial habits is the first step to achieving financial resolution.

In making resolutions, ideally one should first of all set goals to be achieved. These goals can be free from debt, on holiday abroad, or repay a home. Here’s another suggestion that you always remember your new year’s financial resolutions:


“Often times the resolution made impulsively,” said Jemma Enright, a financial expert from MoneyBrilliant in a single caption. For example, if you have not been able to buy a motorcycle in cash, take repayments.

It does not mean you should not fantasize buying a home. If You already have a mature plan to achieve it, you are worth entering this desire in your list of resolutions.

Evaluation of 15 minutes each week

Check out their progress with setting aside 15 minutes each week will remind you of the purpose. Use 15 minutes to draw up new measures and of course the collecting passion.

Ask for suggestions from others

One way to get out of financial problems is to discuss the problem and your goals with others.

“Everyone must have had problems and sometimes they don’t know what to do,” Enright explains, “the problem could be either health, romance, career, and finances. Looking for the right person to share it can lighten your load. “

Create a visual reminder

If you have a long-term goal e.g. holidays abroad, paste your destination with words of encouragement on the refrigerator door or your wallet.

This helps remind you that every small sacrifice you make deserves a reward vacation abroad.

Announcing the resolution in social media

The intent is not to say You should be touting the resolution in each social media that You have.

But by letting friends and family know about it, they can help support and remind.


Do what must be done. Because if you really want it, you can certainly achieve it.

4 Smart Steps set the Financial in 2016

invesmentThe new year is already in sight. It is time we make a financial resolution for us in 2016.

There are two main staples in a financial resolution next year. First, the “save more”. Second, the “spend less”. However, again it is easily pronounced than realized.

“Give it a chance you determine the primary purpose of which is to say, specific, and can be followed up, but give a deadline,” says financial planner from Exencial Wealth Advisors in Texas, Neil Krishnawamy.

Following the recommended guidelines of the financial planner in conducting your financial resolution in the next year:

1. Paying Debt

paying debts

With the rise in interest rates at The Fed’s first time in this decade, many banks are expected to raise the interest rate of the loan. This certainly would reduce consumer interest to owe.

“The loan will be more expensive over a rise in interest rates,” says financial planner Christopher Krell.

If you have multiple debts, it is recommended to prioritize the order of highest interest rate increase in the calculation of your finances.

2. Create a Budget Emergency

The necessity of setting aside some of the money for the budget not unexpected, like when should lose their jobs. The experts recommended the presence of budget to live 3-6 months in advance.

Make sure Save this unpredictable budget in an easily accessible place like a savings or money market.

3. Boost Retirement Savings

Experts recommend setting aside 10 percent of their earnings for retirement accounts. If you do not so much excess from your income, then it can be started from set aside 1%, 2%, and so on.

4. Reset the investment strategy

This is also a good idea to start the new year with a plan to invest, but still is taken into account the risks next year. The need for diversification of investment products to benefit in accordance with your goals.

5 Steps to Achieve Financial Happiness

freedom financialHAVING full control of the money held is one way to make people feel happy, regardless of how much wealth. By adopting a number of good habits, everyone can feel happier about life overall financial.

Here are some good financial habits that you can apply, as revealed in a book entitled ‘The Ten Commandments of Financial Happiness’:


Perform file system so that you can more easily record income and expenditure. Thus, more time and energy you can save.

Direct pay bills

Do not wait until all the bills pile up and then the new pay once. Instead, pay directly once the bill arrives. Paying a dozen bills at once can make you hit to see so much money being drained out of savings. Instead, pay the bills coming one by one so will not make you too surprised to see the amount.

Savings of five percent

Set aside at least five percent of the monthly income for savings. It can make you automatically met financial happiness. You can immediately set aside five per cent of earnings before spending it for other purposes. Once it was used to save, you can gradually increase the amount to 10 percent or higher.

Create and achieve goals

Achieving happiness is not merely the problem has reached a goal or not, but about making progress. Create one or two financial goals every time, and work hard to make it a reality. Feel the happiness you enjoy when through the process.


People who practice some of their property will feel happier and healthier physically and mentally. They tend to sleep better and exercise more frequently so as to have a healthier mind. Moreover, giving wealth to others as well abstain from greed and unsatisfied. Thus, you will feel more grateful for the pleasures of life which is owned today.

Here’s 4 Reasons Why Women Need To Save More Than Men

women savingThe increasing cost of living, lifestyle and join the ride, making the women’s difficult saving up. Every end of the month, leaving only a savings account balance so many thousand dollars only. Often the lack of a savings account is not caused by a lack of income, but mistakes in managing their finances. Finally, they overlook the importance of saving, let alone, there are still husband who became the main breadwinner in the family.

In fact, women are supposed to save more than men! Rather than simply saving to fund the living, education, or family vacation, but also saving for retirement. Want to know why we have to have more savings?

Live longer

On average, women live longer than men. So later, when we have no living spouse, we have to undergo a longer retirement. That is, we have to finance our own lives (and the kids). Therefore, even if your husband is still active and able to provide for you and your family, you also should have their own savings. Set aside at least 15 percent of your salary for pension funds.

The greater cost of living

Compare living costs you and your husband, or Your male colleagues? Who is more wasteful, or had greater expenses? Usually women who salary is rapidly depleted, because it is spent on things that are less important. While shopping in the market, most women lust does bargaining. At the supermarket, the women willingly buy items cheaper a couple thousand dollars only. However, we are willing to pay top dollar to fund our lifestyles. Can’t believe it? How often do you buy up the clothes when there are sale, get some coffee-get some coffee, buy a branded bag or shoes long-we seek?

Women lower salaries than men

It’s the fact that we still experienced at some companies. Then, how can save more if our salaries are, on average lower than men? The answer is simple: create an extra income. You can achieve this by searching the side job, or a small business building. If you feel not quite have time for extra work, inevitably You do have to work harder and ask for salary increases equal with men.

Family oriented

When already married women, attention is also split on the children. We may no longer shopping for yourself, but also for the husband and especially children. The woman was the one who cared to buy clothes, cooking a healthy meal, buy a package of books or video lessons reads (the price is not cheap), or “smart” toys for children. Thus, spending on women will be even greater. By themselves, they need to save more in order to always meet a variety of needs.

As role models for children

In many studies, often expressed that the mother is the figure who became a role model, because the children will be more likely to spend time with the mother rather than the father. The mother became a figure that plays a role in financial management in the family. The mother of all, children learns how to regulate the finance functions. According to, about one in four young adults said that their mother gave the greatest financial influence in their life when it went off great. Therefore, give a good example to children about finance. Always save, and save are some of the simplest examples.