This Unusual Advice To Built Your Career

careerStephen Pollan, a career counselor, has an unusual suggestion for those of you who are building a career: don’t look for a job for the sake of fulfilling your life.

This is contrary to the presumption. Why?

“We are taught job search that meets your inner needs. This idea should be thrown away. Focus on career as a source of income. Your boss doesn’t care about the fulfillment of the necessities of life, “said Pollan as reported by the website of Forbes on Friday (21/8/2015).

Pollan insists that we need to find fulfillment through romance life, travelling, or anything outside of the carrier. According to him, the company never had a concern about who we are.

Their purpose is to protect the company itself, not protect all employees. Meanwhile, employees work only with their supervisors, in terms of making employees as a tool of the company.

However, there is a way for employees to come forward with them. Dialogue with the supervisor at least once a month. One type of dialog is showing a sense of grateful and thankful.

Other positive things that can be done is to propose ideas on them, which will make them feel better. In addition to career and life as a counselor and personal financial mentor, Pollan is also a lawyer.

He was known for his honesty, without modification, of word choice and pleasantries.