Zeb Dropkin Get profit from the difficulty of Renting Real Estate in New York

zed dropkinA million ounce equivalent of one theory of action, so said Ralph Waldo Emerson. Zeb Dropkin, founder of startup RentHackr, Also believe it. Dropkin (38) who liked the startup world, design, this technology would like to achieve transparency and improvements in System rental.

Rather than working with traditional real estate rental listings, Zeb startupnya want to change with the market with inventory of crowdsourcing. This provides a unique opportunity and a dataset. “We are giving a better price transparency than other similar services. We provide a unique prediction and approaching the fact regarding the availability in the future. And we create new tools for our tenants to get an apartment anywhere they want, “said Dropkin.

He was inspired by the constraints that must be faced in renting real estate in New York.  The charge rate is very expensive, “said the man.

This coffee is a person who claims to have worked in the world of advertising. According to him, the biggest challenge in the world of real estate lease is how to learn to accept many mistakes. You have to try a lot of things that are not at all You know and you have to move fast, admits Dropkin. “You can only do that by making mistakes as much as possible. Failed in one thing, learn from it and keep moving forward, “he suggested.

Don’t be too hard on yourself in order to limit and avoid mistakes, said Dropkin. “I’ve never spent a lot of energy to punish yourself for many failed.”