What is Human Resources Executive Search?

human resources5A human resources (HR) executive search is conducted by a professional to identify and employ a person who will take a leadership role in a company or organization. As described in a Jason Hanold profile, these searches don’t use traditional recruitment strategies and tactics such as Internet postings and classified advertisements. Companies looking for top talent will contact an executive search firm to find the best person for the position.

Why Use an HR Firm?

When looking for a top executive for a company, it’s usually inappropriate for the company’s own HR department to participate, because the executive will ultimately be over the HR department. Regular HR departments look for mid-level managers or production workers and not top executives.

human resources

What Are the Responsibilities of an HR Department?

Human resource departments have a wide range of duties. They are responsible for making sure the work environment is pleasant and also to strengthen the company culture. They may negotiate salaries and benefits and participate in the recruiting process. Top HR executives use strategic human resource management to get the best results. In order to achieve this, they may consider work-related issues such as diversity in the workplace and the right opportunities for employees to give input and feedback about their working conditions. HR executives may also actively pursue job candidates by visiting colleges and employment agencies. They must have the skill to sift through applicants and find the most promising candidates.

Different Types of HR Firms

The two main types of HR executive search firms are retainer and contingency firms. Retainer firms are regularly paid a portion of their fee as they conduct the search and many times receive the whole fee before an executive is found. Contingency firms aren’t paid until a candidate they found has been hired by the company. Most require an exclusive contract, so the company doesn’t hire another firm that will compete with the first firm.

How HR Search Firms They Work?

Executive search firms establish and maintain a network of executives with whom they work to find potential candidates. When the HR firm is hired to find an executive, they contact everyone in their network that meets the qualifications and mention the opening. The network may have employed and unemployed executives, but most companies go for the employed executives because they believe employed people are more worth hiring.

What are HR Executive Jobs?

HR executives are required in small and large businesses, for-profit companies and non-profit organizations. Some of the main positions are:

• Chief HR Officers
• Talent Management Leaders
• Chief Diversity Officers
• Talent Acquisition Leaders
• Organizational Development Directors
• Compensation and benefits officers
• HR leadership development

Whether you have a start-up or work for a multi-national company, your business will run better and be more successful if you employ exceptional talent. It’s worth using a professional HR service to get the best.