Warning, Don’t Use a Credit Card To Pay For These Things

creditcardPracticality and ease now become the main reason most people choose to use a credit card as means of payment.

In addition, do not have to bother to bring your cash, credit cards are also useful as a means of payment that is accepted internationally, such as to pay off a hotel bill when you’re on holiday abroad.

One note is certain it is necessary step smart when dealing with credit cards. One of them, is to avoid the purchase of should not use credit cards.

What are the purchase-purchase of should not you do with a credit card?

Buy a car

Indeed, car dealers often do not generally allow purchases using a credit card.

However, despite only using it to simply cover the down payment car loan, you should still be avoided.

It, later You will still pay a fee and the interest rate is quite high.

You will not get an additional grace period.
That is, the interest will quickly accumulate if you cannot pay off the invoice immediately.

Other credit card bill pay

Although the way this would have been very tempting, but you should not pay off one credit card with a monthly bill using a credit card to another.

Because, You will simply transfer the Bills that already include the already high interest become higher again when you try to cover it with another credit card.

Online shopping transactions on an untrusted site

Online shopping transactions have become part of the lifestyle of modern society. In addition, shopping online can also save you time and effort.

Nevertheless, the habit of shopping online is still not fully accepted by the public because of the security factor that is still questionable.

The most common causes were the payments already done, but the order wasn’t delivered goods. Or, consumers become victims of credit card fraud or abuse that occurred through theft of personal data of the owner of the card.