Want Your Web Site Visited By Many People

web colorsWant your site or blog visited by more people? Wear the color blue or red in appearance then the website/blog You might get more often attract visitors when compared to using other colors. How can that be?

A study carried out Darius a. Monsef IV against 100 world’s leading web site in their blogs, colorlovers.com stated that the most colors dominate the current virtual world is blue and red.

It is not without reason. The wilderness of cyberspace is dominated by a large number of brands with the color blue. But red color is also not less number of colouring visible online. The unique color choice this is not based on market research or in-depth marketing before, but just based on the tastes and business instincts of the founders of the company at the beginning of their pioneering efforts. Many of the site’s top pick the color blue as the primary color in a site and the logo of their efforts without strong scientific reason, as was the case on the founder of Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg reasoned that the reason choosing the color blue as the dominant color in the social networking site that he had because he was color blind and blue color was the only one who can he recognize.

While the initial reason of color selection sounds very trivial and senseless, color selection made the founders of the world’s leading companies and brands that have a huge influence on other companies that are smaller or newly established.

This pattern is also found nearly a decade ago. Wired Magazine once conducted a study on this topic and the same answer also appear: blue and Red dominate the web world of America.

So what if you have many users choose other colors as the color of the base site, blog or logo in your business? Certainly not as accurate as it determines the success of your business is based solely on color because of the trigger factors of success is not only the colors that your business use only. The quality of the offered product or service, leadership, and other important factors back into the main spotlight.