Want to Know How to Succeed at Age 20

enterpreneurSome people at this age the first time to find out what it means to be an adult . Are you still a student , recent graduate , living alone , or both parents are still together , you can listen to some advice from other people who already know how to survive in the real world .

In the survey , as quoted from Businessinsider Quora , users are asked to answer the question , ” What can I do at the age of 20 yrs that will benefit my future ? ”

The survey summarizes some of the best responses . Here are some things to do so that your 20yr old ” bright ” .

1 . Learning set time

Without the structure of school , it’s up to you , begin to schedule your own day -to-day . Because , at the early age of 20 years you will be so busy starting a career , build a romantic life , on the other hand still wanted to have time for yourself . You have to find a way to prioritize and cope with the demands of competition . Agarwal suggest you experiment with different approaches , until you find yourself the art of time management .

2 . Subtract engagement with smartphone

Current generation grew up with social media . Some of them may be too attached to their smartphones . Get a grip , someone likes your photo on Facebook is not as important as what is happening around . If you live in the real world around , then you could actually learn something , listen better , and can contribute to a conversation .

3 . Perform journey as much as you can

Agarwal said , at the age of 20 yrs you are mature enough to navigate the outside world alone . You also mature enough to learn from others . Take a trip will introduce you to different cultures , and it will open your mind and way of thinking . In addition to their self-confidence and social skills , you will make memories that will last you a lifetime .

4 . Chasing passion, not money

At the early age of 20 yrs , you may not have a spouse , children , and this bill was . Free yourself from the desire to reap huge salaries . Quoting Steve Jobs , Agarwal said , ” If you do not like something , you will not go the extra mile , work the extra weekend , challenge the status q.u.o ” .

5 . Knowing yourself

Use this period to find out what really drives you , what really makes you scared , strengths , weaknesses too . Understanding yourself will help you give you peace of mind , and set you up for success .