Various Ways to Use Duct Tape!

Duct TapeDuct tape is one of the most functional stationary tools. It can be use to stick things together and there are so many things you can do with duct tape. You might do know, but duct tape has several functions and it would be a shame not to put it to greater use and use its maximum potential. Today, I will provide you a various way to use duct tape.

The first use of duct tape is to clean the house. Duct tape is capable to clean many things. You can use duct tape to remove lint from upholstery or clothing. You may also remove cat and dog furs using duct tape, this is the best method to grab a lot of fur at once. You may also catch flies by use hang duct tape to the ceiling.
The second use of duct tape is mend things. Duct tape can be use to fix almost anything! All you need to do is wrap duct tape on almost everything. You can wrap duct tape to fix a split vacuum cleaner hose, remove unwanted car window tint or you can cover hole in a wall using duct tape. You can literally fix everything using duct tape by simply wrap them.

Another usage of duct tape is to create creative craft. There are many amazing things you can make from duct tape. You can create cell phone case, iPod chase, bowl, blanket, dress form and wallet using duct tape. The possibility is limitless; all you need to do is become creative and release your creativity using duct tape.
You may also create your own custom duct tape by visiting online store and order them. One of the best custom duct tape maker store are You can create your own design and make your personal duct tape.