Using Presentations to Inform Workers Enhances Communication

Stephen A WynnOf all the difficulties facing a business in the modern world, communication does not have to be counted among them. With so many different methods of communication in regular use, conveying information to employees, shareholders, the press, and even customers can be a relatively simple task. By using presentations, upper management can effectively highlight any number of ideas and quickly distribute information to rank and file workers. In addition, putting together a quick presentation type of display via the internet can be a great way to highlight accomplishments to the press.

Online Presentations

Stephen A Wynn put together a quick presentation dedicated to the work that went into deciding on a theme for his casino in Macau. Each slide is filled with information about the work and effort that went into the design process. Since the presentation is available on the internet, it can be easily and quickly shared and distributed. Loaded with information and designed to be quick hitting, the presentation can be seen by many in a relatively small amount of time. Plus, with social media and electronic delivery, such as email, the impact of the short presentation can be enhanced exponentially.

For Information

The other side of the online presentation coin is sharing the ideas outside of the company. When management on any level wants to highlight an accomplishment or distribute some information about the company, using an online slide presentation makes perfect sense. The company can edit and highlight at will, which puts the control of the information in the right hands. Not unlike a traditional media commercial, online slide shows can be put to great marketing effect simply by getting information out to the public.


Another great benefit to publishing and online presentation is preparation. Viewers can look at the slides and develop questions based on the information that is provided. This process creates a level of interaction that every business craves. Simply by working on a few slides designed to provoke thought, a company can greatly increase the interaction between team members. After all, when a single communication system gets a number of people exchanging ideas, the company can develop a number of ideas based off a single presentation.
In the end, a great online presentation does not have to be long. Providing a few slides with relevant information is usually enough to get people talking and working together. Executive committee members can gauge the impact a decision might have or even measure the effectiveness of an idea. Plus, social media and sharing allows for the presentation to deeply penetrate the workforce and enhance communication, which is something that a single email generally can not accomplish.