Use Movavi Screen Capture to record online streaming tutorials on personal finance management

screen grabPersonal finance management is the key to ensure a successful hassle-free. It becomes all the more important when you have kids and you are looking forward to secure organized funding for their further education. There are online streaming tutorials on personal finance management that you can record with screen capture software and study later in your free time.

With screen capture software, you can capture screen video, edit video clips, add captions and effects and even share the captured videos on the web using the same application. The one stop for all the above activities is Movavi Screen Capture studio. It is an all in one software that provides you with one of the easiest interfaces that is designed in the most user friendly manner. Here are some simple steps that will help you get started.

Setting the parameters

You can adjust the frame rates and it can help you screen grab at a speed of 60 frames per second. You can adjust the recording portion as per your requirements. You can either capture specific sections of the window or make full screen videos by adjusting the program window. You can set the input and output devices from where the audio will be recorded. It will also let you record Skype calls, conversations and even program sound effects. It will also let you highlight the cursor with different colours and show the keyboard actions.

Capture your Screen Cast

You do not have to worry about leaving the screen alone while screen grabs. You can set the time for the program until it will get finished captured. The application will also let you take screen grab while you are screen capturing on your PC.


The best part is the handy editing tool that it provides. You can divide your footage into different parts and even remove the unwanted elements from the video. You will get to add subtitles, enhance with different backgrounds, add music, special effects and play with filters. There is a lot that you can explore.


The Movavi Screen capture studio gives you the option to save your video clips and media files in a number of formats which are very popular. There are ready made presets that are available for the different mobile devices from where you can choose so that you can play them anywhere you want. The saving speed has become much faster and the best part is that because of the varied format you can even share it on YouTube or other social media websites.

The only important thing that you need to keep in mind is that Movavi Screen Capture studio does not allow to capture video and audio files that are copy protected. So, download the application to capture screen activity and get started.