Unique Business Idea That Makes The Initiators Become Rich

businessideasA small and simple idea can become a business that brings income gap abundant. In fact, not a few among these ideas maker reaped tremendous success. “An idea can change your life” is a tagline commercial advertising in India is an encouragement for young entrepreneurs in the country to continue to innovate in entrepreneurship and business. The tagline indicates that creative ideas are important aspects of building a business, here presented five unique business idea that makes the initiators become rich:

1. Pet Butler

Pet Butler is a service company that provides cleaning services dung. The business idea emerged in 1998 by the founder of the company named Matt Boswell from Texas, USA. At first the business that employs seven employees have experienced many obstacles. However, with consistent effort, slowly began to progress. Since 2006, Pet Butler franchise to various cities, and now finally has been expanding all over the world with a total of more than 120 franchise partners and their clients’ total reached 12 thousand of people.

2. Wuvit

Wuvit is crafting households managed to attract many people to buy it. Wuvit a pillow filled with corn and a few soft cloth. Wuvit use a fairly simple way. The tiny pillows put in the microwave in a few minutes to save heat, so that when used can provide warmth, especially at a time when winter arrives. Success Wuvit cushion created by Kim Levine has made him a millionaire mommy.

3. Positives Dating

Founded by Paul Graves and Brandon Koechlin, a business named Positives Dating is a dating site that provides services for the person with AIDS. People who have been infected by the HIV virus are grateful to these sites because the service can get a friend or new love in a community of fellow sufferers of AIDS. The members who have numbered more than 50ribu people, must pay a monthly fee of about $ 14.95.

4. Clocky

Clocky, alarm clock with a unique product. Many people are annoyed and even involuntarily slammed when the alarm clock goes off and interfere with sleep. To avoid this, a student named Gauri Nanda makes alarm resilient and able to move automatically to and fro with two wheels on the side. A microprocessor that controls the clock Clocky be an effective tool for workers or school children so as not to be late getting up. Clocky has now been expanded to more than 45 countries.

5. Knork

Knork is one of the innovative products that have a dual function, namely as cutlery and knives. So, when eating pizza or fruit or barbeque, do not need to wear two forks and knives equipment. The idea came from a school boy named Michael D. Miller. However, this idea became a reality after her college while establishing a small company named Knork Flatware. And finally at the end of 2011, the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthese efforts has managed to bring in money more than two million dollars.