Tips How To Business Negotiation

negotiateMost of the business issues in the field turned out to be caused by a lack of understanding of the business people of the importance of negotiation and how to do it right. In fact, negotiation is often more decisive than the agreement in black and white, especially in the early start of cooperation. Even sometimes also negotiating extemporaneous. As a result, when done, the negotiations only be in vain and we are so loss of time and effort. In fact, the losses could have been avoided if business people negotiating position as a crucial element in running the business cooperation.

The ability to negotiate must be diligent honed. Prior to formulate it in the form of a clause, you must perform a successful negotiation, because a successful negotiation is the spirit of the preparation of the contract.

The essence of negotiation is preparation. Look at the art of negotiation as a process and be conscientious. There are several things you should consider in negotiating, among others, as follows.

1 . Make a target achievement of the negotiations are going to do

Determine the minimum requirements that you must earn, as well as the maximum terms will you offer. Think and prepare a variety of alternative roads to offer a solution that you want, do not just prepare one way. If in the first negotiation was not reached an agreement, do the second way.

2 . Perform comprehensive research

The desire to learn and know whom you are negotiating. Learn also the weakness and strength. Go up to the covert. In this research, we recommend that you work alone and do not need to ask for help from others. Meet the truth, and do not fall on others or conclusion statement for a moment. Get evidence, documentation, and numbers intact. Negotiator always do your research to find out the character of his opponent, the background, habits, hobbies, preferences, etc. Proved that most of the businesses won contracts not at the conference table, but on the golf course, a yacht, or a restaurant.

3 . Discuss the topic was limited to issues that are negotiated

Separate ego and your personal life. Do not let personal problems hinder the ongoing negotiation process. Large companies usually have special negotiating team. They realize the importance of negotiation, so they put the right people to do this important work. In one team usually consists of several people with different skills. Separation of the negotiating teams from another division intended to prevent personal conflicts during the negotiation process.

4 . Consider the primary purpose of negotiations

Remember the end result that we want in negotiations. Negotiation is not a matter of winning or losing, let alone to bring down an opponent. Keep your emotions, and remain level-headed. Never mind, the ego, or the urge to be selfish.

5 . In negotiating, remain as fair as possible

You need to think about the advantages and goodness for all parties. Do not create things that will likely lead to unfair competition or hostility.

6 . Provide alternate win-win solution to the opponent

Be flexible to the possibilities. This flexible attitude will help you to get out of the impasse. Prepare several alternative solutions that can create conditions predicted for the mutual benefit of all parties.

7 . Complete the negotiation process with a quick and straightforward

Avoid factors that tiring the opponent and yourself. The negotiation process need not linger. In addition where the negotiations should also be conducive, easily accessible, and cultivated calm, quiet, and not much interference from outside.