This Is The Reason Why People Less Careful About Financial Manage

financial plansEver feel not quite a month salary until the end of the month? You have to hold your breath to pay credit card bills. Not only that, you are also concerned with spending limits.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. There are a number of people who are less nice set up its financial reserves. However, no careful not forever to arrange finance.

Here’s a number of reasons why someone so badly in terms of arranging finance:

1. You’re an impulsive when shopping

Have you ever suddenly buy stuff that isn’t actually needed? You bought a pair of sports shoes is actually not very necessary, and even buy a lipstick color is actually inappropriate to use because you get the offer so quickly.

Or do you make shopping as therapy to solve the problem. By spending money then you feel better. But it’s not a good idea.

Then how to resolve it? Earlier is better find your problem first. Then the focus fixes the issue, but not with the shopping. You are expected to have a financial planning focus so no need to deplete the money by just shopping.

2. You have no preparation and lazy

Often times we are not conscious of spending money on fast food. Or buy food for the family rather than buying a staple, and cook it at home. In addition, sometimes also pay other people for cooking and washing. There are no wrong pay people, but it’s also one of the ways makes you wasteful.

To overcome this, we recommend that you have a commitment to working on something such as washing and cooking at home.

3. Don’t have a good example to manage finances

Maybe older people or even people nearby to make someone have a bad habit to arrange finance. Especially when it’s wasteful habit since childhood. But there is no word too late to fix it.

First, you can create your own financial planning ranging from records of income and expenses.

4. Try to impress others

You may buy the stuff to impress others. It so that you can be idolized.
Not only that, you are also trying to fit in with friends and neighbors when the ability you can’t follow it.

This is similar to shopping. There is nothing wrong with the desire to impress others. But buy special things for the sake of shaping the opinion of other people then it’s silly stuff, especially if you don’t really need what you buy. So before you buy something, ask yourself, do you need it?

5. No Need To Think About The Future

Maybe you only think about how to enjoy life now. But it doesn’t make you not save for the future. We recommend that you start from the age of productive or when you started working for investing and saving.