The Rich Can Be Successful Because Brave Out of Comfort Zone

transformationMost people feel very safe when I was in a comfort zone. However, success cannot be achieved if people do not dare take the risk and go out of my comfort zone.

Did you know, that rich people find comfort in the midst of uncertainty.

According to a billionaire, and also author of the book How Rich People Think, Steve Siebold, rich people feel comfortable in the midst of an uncertain situation.

On the other hand, most people feel more calm in the midst of a situation full of familiarity, and they are hesitant to leave their comfort zones.

“The convenience of physical, psychological, and emotional is the main goal of the mindset of a group of middle-class,” He wrote.

He also presents that, world class thinkers understand that it is not easy to become a billionaire and the pleasure of being in the comfort zone can destroy dreams. The billionaire trying to adapt and be comfortable while working in the midst of uncertainty.

According to von Siebold if you want rich, you have to be ready with an uncomfortable situation.

“The big guys know there’s a price to be paid to be rich, but if they have the mental toughness to withstand the pain temporarily, they can reap the harvest of abundant wealth for the rest of their lives.” the light of von Siebold.
He also suggested to do 5 things every day that makes you uncomfortable, but can potentially increase your earnings.