The importance of the Business Blueprint

blueprint businessDo you run a business that is running in place ? The reason could be many factors , one of which lack a clear business blueprint and carefully documented .

It may be that your business has been running yearly , even without the need to write and document the work plan . But when it finds problems , ranging from cash flow traffic, unproductive employees , even sagging sales , this is a sign you need to improve management .

Business blueprint should be clearly written and directed . Business blueprint described as a pyramid starting from the top with the vision and mission , goals, and action plans at the very bottom pyramid . The sides are pyramid personality ( character ) , cultural , and behavioral ( mindset ) that influence the success of a business.

All the elements in this pyramid should be written . With clearly written rules , the team had a clear direction according to the position and responsibilities. Vision becomes a liability in formulating a business owner , then the mission of the authority and responsibilities of the CEO or president level , then the purpose of the business will be run by the direction of the manager , well-organized work plan and then run the team . As an individual in a business scheme , the employee performs with the mindset , character and work culture in tune written according to the rules in force in the company .

Here are some things that must be present in the blueprint of your business :

* Vision
* Mission
* Goals
* The work plan
* Standard Operating Procedure
* Description of work
* Rule
* Organizations
* Cash flow
* Strategies

So , if your business never bring maximum results , be sure to reassemble all the rules work , and make sure it is written to be a guide to all workers . Even the work culture must be written to motivate themselves , both the owner of the business and its employees .