Promote Business Through Business Cards

business card

How important a business card ? What happens to the business card after we give to others? Until I became an independent consultant, the best that can be given cards to fill in my name is a fish bowl in restaurants and other businesses that offer free items that will be drawn every week. Because now I am an independent businessman – like a small business owner – I realized that the card is a networking tool and a link with the past, present and potential customers.

I recently attended a number of meetings for the photographer where as you thought, creativity and artistic performances exceed its nominal price. The card companies are well represented there because they are a big company in the photographic industry. Their business cards are very creative and the photographer can get a set of cards with different portraits on the back side of each card. Talk about a marketing tool ! Imagine holding a card that shows the name of the most valuable assets you can offer to customers in high resolution with a wide variety of colors. How big selling points is given such a name card for you ?

Cards with stun Factor

The company is named Moo ( see ). While the card is not the cheap stuff, it also is not something that is too expensive for a given shock factor. Consider this, if you are a small business with products for the market, you can add the product image on the back side of the card and business cards are full color and looks so professional that it’s almost impossible people want to get rid of it.

Moo offers high -quality business cards are printed colorful on both sides of the card. As I have mentioned, you can use your own photos on the back of the card, or choose from the designs and color schemes they already have in many templates. Using flexible templates is easy – I prepare my order to give the images uploaded in a few minutes. And every order comes with a card that is given for free anyway.

Remember, creativity is all about themselves. So you can guess, the standard business card is not the only thing they have to offer. They also offer mini cards ( small cards below normal with a design that attracts attention ), greeting cards, and postcards as well as accessories to accommodate and show your cards.

However, the place where all the accessories that will be needed is the card along with the product name. Notice how one company – Arena Flowers – using Moo cards to show off their product offerings. The cards were printed on heavy paper that will make the picture displayed behind it looks amazing. You even have the option – with a higher price level – to be more concerned about the environment by using recycled paper for your cards, which in turn gives a different look and texture.


How you choose to advertise yourself and your business through your business card options, it’s all entirely in your hands. Remember, for some potential customers is a reflection of your business card for your business : professionally as if you, as serious if you are, how creative you are, and your business cards can also beginning to form an opinion on the quality of service your customers of the quality of your business card. Maybe it does not seem fair, but you can not prevent what could happen on the first impression. I know that when I see a sample of Moo, I was very impressed.