How to Grow Your Mailing List with Facebook

online marketingFacebook isn’t just for posting a few updates a week and targeting people with ads. You can also use Facebook to grow your mailing list. Here’s how to encourage new subscribers and deliver them excellent content.

1. Promote a giveaway via Facebook. Make sure that the giveaway is in line with what your audience wants. In order to qualify for the giveaway, people have to signup for your mailing list. To maximize your online marketing and make sure they stay signed up instead of unsubscribing the second the giveaway has passed, offer random things to everyone on your mailing list instead of just new signups.

boost facebook2. Share your latest newsletter on Facebook. Your Facebook audience may notice your newsletter and decide that they want access to that kind of information. Don’t share every newsletter, though. If you do, there’s no reason for anyone to signup for your mailing list. If you have a particularly good newsletter that you just sent out, put the link on Facebook and boost your post with advertising, or create a sidebar ad with an image from your newsletter.

3. Post a countdown to the giveaway. This will encourage your followers to act now before time runs out. Post a few countdowns as the giveaway deadline approaches so that anyone who missed your initial posts will see the later ones.

4. Make sure the opt-in form is easy to fill out. That way, if you continue to post it on Facebook, people who have glanced at it in the past will know it’s easy to fill out. Sometimes, people have to see things more than once before they’re convinced to take action. If they know your form is simple, they’ll be likely to click over to it when they’re ready.

5. Clarify giveaway and contest steps on Facebook. Sure, you might have information on your blog or website, but if people are first hearing about the contest on your Facebook page, this is where they’ll turn for information. If you don’t provide it, they may not bother clicking over to your website. People like to complete as much of the process as possible from the original platform.

6. Didn’t see a lot of results from your Facebook contest? It may be that the giveaway wasn’t good enough or that there was a problem with your mailing list signup. Use Facebook as a way to get feedback from your audience. Find out what went wrong, then use the information you gain to improve your marketing strategy in the future. It could be as simple as that some people prefer MailChimp over another e-mail client or as in-depth as that you need to provide more valuable content.

E-mail marketing is huge. The larger your mailing list, the most people you’ll reach with every newsletter you send. Use your other platforms to increase the number of people that signup for your mailings.