How to Find a Great Business Ideas

business idea tipsOne of the toughest struggles faced by business owners is to find what kind of business they should start. There are five ways that you should keep in mind when considering a business idea that is different.

So whether it’s a perfect business idea ? Every entrepreneur has their own concept of what it was a flawless effort. While Google is a great business for the company founders – Google may not be the right business for those who do not quite understand and familiar with technology or who do not want to manage the organization of it.

Therefore, every effort is perfectly defined by the business owner. Always keep that in mind, let’s start with the five find concepts perfect business idea :

Understand your customers

Feels weird to start with the question ” How do you know your customers before you have a real idea ? “. The answer is simple – your customers play an important role in the business, so that without the customer, there will be no business. If you have a business idea, do not try to develop around what YOU think potential customers will like or need, but find out what your customers actually wills. Too often business owners get an idea in their minds and immediately plunge headlong. However, they soon discover that their target market does not want what is being offered. Spending time and money to a project only to see it weaken and collapse is not a perfect business idea.

In addition, let’s say you do not have an idea – go down to the market and understand customers ( those who will eventually become your customers ) can guide you towards the perfect idea. Knowing what potential customers need and build products to meet those needs will make the customer do anything to come to you – that’s the perfect business idea.


Passion in this sense does not mean being fanatical about your product or service. However, this means having an interest in what you do. You spend more time working for 15-18 hours a day taking care of your business in the beginning – usually for the first 12 to 18 months ( over 2 years feels like in this current economic climate ). You must continue to think about ways to improve and grow your business as well as out to publish it anywhere, and to anyone. If you end up starting a business that you are not interested in, something that does not make you excited in the morning, it will be very difficult to devote time and energy to succeed, so it can not be regarded as a perfect business idea.

understand the competition

Every business has competition – either directly or indirectly. Think about cinema. They have direct competition with video rental stores or home television. They also have indirect competition from other activities that customers do to spend their disposable income like bowling, paint ball, golf, etc. Anything that people do in their spare time.

Furthermore, some of the competitors seemed cruel. This means that if you are promoting and offering a product that is equal to their product but with a lower price, these competitors will just lower their prices to match or beat you. If they have an established business – they could be sold at a price lower than you, which consequently may make your frozen out of the competition.

If you do not know your competition – what they want to do to remove you from the competition – you will probably spend more time in a price war and growing your business – not a perfect business idea.

cash flow

Many entrepreneurs enter the business world with great ideas but have insufficient understanding of the capital needed to jump-start his business. Most will make the original form of the product or service and understand what it takes to make a product or provide a service but they do not understand the capital required to set up the rest of their business organization – including marketing ( very expensive but very important ), employees ( more than just salary or wages ), insurance or supplies and all the little expenditures that accumulate quickly as phone, internet, computer services, etc. Knowing all of your cash flow will help ensure that all costs ( variable and fixed ) can be closed with the business – the perfect business idea. I have seen too many companies with great products but fail because they can not cover expenses such as rent or equipment simple.

Know yourself

Know your strengths and weaknesses. Know that you are ready, willing, and able to do what it takes to make your business successful. Until now I ‘v e worked with many business owners in the past who think that the only thing they need to do is put up their shingle and finish already. Therefore, when dealing with day-to- day management of the business, they are not willing to invest the time, energy, or money is needed for success. Therefore, to know how hard you want to work.

In addition, also know your personal financial situation and what you produce to sustain business lifestyle. If you think your business will generate a lot of money from the first day, then you are wrong. And if you want your business to generate a lot of money, it’s not the right business for you. Get rid of the things that distract from the outside such as your personal financial situation – do it in sequence – you will be able to focus only on the conception and growth. In the end, will give you the financial security you desire – it would be the perfect business idea.

Whatever the level of your desire for your business – a lifestyle of mothers and pop operation or a multinational conglomerate – if you develop a business idea to five this concept in your mind – your idea will be the perfect business idea for you .