How to Create a Good First Impression Of Consumers

First Impression Make consumers “like” the product we are certainly not easy. This is what makes the first impression when meeting with customers must be created with either.

Almost all people want to get a good impression in the eyes of others. And it turns out that condition also applies in the business world. Making consumers become “like” the product we certainly coveted by all businesses. This has forced businesses to create a good first impression when meeting with customers.

Get a first impression on consumers would regard the long term when there is negotiation, and when we want to do long-term cooperation.

This time, I will explain about the tips and tricks to get a good first impression on the consumer.

Meet with clothes neat and fragrant

Basically, all humans love with beauty, neatness and of course a cozy atmosphere. When meeting with customers, try to keep it neat, never to appear as it is. Because the first impression of our business seen from how we dress. Needless to luxury, at least presentable alone is very representative.

Smile and eye contact

If you want to be remembered by our customers, try to always give a smile every first met. Try to smile in front of the mirror, give the best smile and try to keep eye contact, although there are occasional hand gestures when explaining something.

Do not monotonous, occasionally off-topic discussed

As business owners, we need smart, know the hot topics are very important. Consumers really like when we tell new things they might not know. Even when they already know, there will arise the communication is active. This is important, because every human being must interact, and in business this also applies to the active communication. Do not monotonous, occasionally discuss anything outside of the discussion topic.

Note the consumer movement and expression

Sometimes we face consumer sullen, passive and wants to the point, in fact, there are techniques on how making them into “liquid” and could enthusiastically with us, that is by “mirroring” that we follow their movements slowly but not flashy, we must understand their expressions, as they already showed an expression of interest, try to set the strategy for many ask about daily activities or about the area, this will help break the ice.

Occasionally interspersed with humor

Always actively invite consumers to talk like your own friends, they really like to talk to. But be careful, we must adjust for chatting only with time. Keep looking at ethics in communication.

Do not dominate

Communication is “healthy” if there is feedback that occurs when communication occurs. Try to remain willing to listen when consumers have shown an enthusiastic talk or explain anything. Never a straight cut. Give a little nod or smile indicates that we enthusiastically.

Occasionally give consumers a gift or surprise

Indeed, yes more costs. But for this long-term effect on a consumer’s loyal to us. Occasional consumers give gifts even though he did not use our product in the end.