How To Be An Entrepreneur: From Where Should I Start?

How do I start becoming an entrepreneur? ” Some people start by creating an online store, but how the mindset to start? This is very much a question asked by people who want to start a business. You can get a lot of answers from different point of view. The following are answers from Oliver Emberton, co-founder of Silktide, a software company in the United Kingdom.

You don’t need any particular qualifications, the money or the brain of the planet or even a good idea. Committed entrepreneur is to make “something” that consistently make money.

Warning signs, a company as a machine that You design and build, here is a McDonalds:

How to become an entrepreneur McDonald business machine

Your machine must have certain parts. He was selling something to someone and re-invest a portion of the sales to help make a sale in the future. All that’s left is profit for the owner. The following is an example of Google:


If you can design, build and maintain this machine, you can become rich. But of course it is not easy.

It’s time to talk about yourself

Young people, not rich, difficult to get a job or hate your job? Maybe a little “rebellious” nature? Perfect, you have no bad habits and will probably work until your nails are broken and your eyes fall to the table. The world is waiting for you.

You people who are older, wiser, a little bit of money deposited in your bank account with a stable job? Maybe a little bit of home loan and kids? Your Home Work becomes an entrepreneur a bit more weight, but it can still be done.

The most important quality of a good entrepreneur is energy and determination. The other thing is to be a persuasive, it can be learned. I started as a super shy at age 21, I quickly learned how to sell because it’s the only way so that I can eat.

Quite the opening line, now let’s make You richer than ever

“The idea”

Forget the nonsense things that you hear about the value of an idea.

The idea that cheap.

The business idea was worth less than half the already eaten sandwiches. At least you can eat a sandwich.

Of course you need some ideas. But know that successful companies get funding not only from the brilliant idea of the wild. Starbucks started selling coffee in Seattle. Facebook build a better MySpace, Google builds a better Yahoo search. Microsoft copying Apple – while Apple copying Xerox.

Original ideas are overrated

That’s not overrated is timing. Google chose the right time to build a search engine, if you want to create it now yes good luck.

Most people are afraid of starting a business when there is competition, but the competition could have been is good.

The best place to make new restaurant is right next to the other restaurants that are already successful. They’ve been with a good heart and hard work to build an audience. Many good businesses to piggyback on the success of other businesses, it is better to have a fewer competitors than nothing, you just need to be 10% better.

I personally recommend selling something that you and your friends will buy in a matter of seconds. You will understand your own field of Ahold, you will understand Your customer, you will be very passionate toward what you are doing.

If you could make that your company is about “why” rather than “what”, You will inspire yourself and people around you. To be able to survive to the next step, you will need a grain-grain of inspiration.


Started the company more or less similar to raising a child, everyone assumes you know what you are doing, but the baby was born without a right and the company’s manual instructions, You pass through with fall up and learn while walking.

At first you will most likely fail. Your goal is building a money machine, but you may not have the required parts of a whole. Your idea might just be half wrong, but you don’t know which part is wrong, this is normal.

How to be a businessman 2

A big part of starting the company was to convince people to trust you. When Steve Jobs co-founded Apple, he had no money and had no customer, that ensues, he became an entrepreneur.

The first one he did was convince the local computer store to order Apple products that haven’t even been created, the next she assured supplier of components required to make it with an order that he be able to convince the supplier that he could buy it. Then Jobs and his little team work in the garage to build the first computer, delivered to the store on time and make a profit is fair. Apple was born with minimal capital.

apple computer

The way so employers apple

Often when running all of these entrepreneurs must juggle between build the perfect company (idealist) and pay bills (realist) – the absence of all of them might kill your business. Many who believe that the realist / idealist partnerships are common in business.

Do not Scaling quickly

Do not perform scaling with prematurely. Don’t be a big company too fast. Be slow in burning/spending money. Don’t waste time writing a mission statement and policy documents. You were a kid, be agile and always on a mission. Create and sell goods. There will be time for the HR Department.

Don’t be surprised if you will change Your entire company. Very rare a business can survive from the first contact with the customer.

How to survive for long periods, reinvest in the success of your small successes-and doubled.

Copy yourself

This is a step that is almost never fulfilled by the small business.

Until this position, a cash machine you almost always have a part that cannot be separated: You as a founder.

If you have an accounting background, you might head accountant. If you are a programmer, you may be the best programmer there.

Whatever you do, you always feel part of life and has always been “overworked” or work overload.

real business

How to be a businessman 3

This piece weighs: you have to make yourself to be “not useful” or redundant in your team.

If you suddenly die tomorrow, your business must keep running as usual.

Alternatively, you become self-employed with an Assistant.

Some businesses could not release this trap, if you’re a brilliant copywriter, you’ll camp. Because that made this company great is you. In this case, unless you can embed them in Your business model, you will not develop.

McDonalds building businesses that continue to run though they pay the minimum salary. The process by which they run allowed them to do so: every burger is efficient and barely any difference. Their brand is so strong that people lined up to eat there.

Your business may be very different from McDonalds but wherever possible should be equally strong.

If you can reach this situation, you could have something that is self-sustaining. You should be able to generate a good income while you are not working. Your time is now free to tweak your business into something better. Now you need to do to be able to colonize the world is:


The last step is like playing “Who Wants to Be A Millionaire”. Each question you answer correctly will give You money, if wrong, you go home.

The way so employers 4

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that a big company like a small company – it’s just bigger-

In line with the development of the company, the culture you will also change. Even you can hate the company that you create yourself (many founders felt the conflict like this). You

Remember, no business can grow without limit. Some business more efficiently with a certain size – it is easy to be a plumbing repair company with just one person, but it is almost impossible to build pipeline repair company with 1000 people. Understand Your limit from the beginning. The internet software company is a company that can scale well, therefore many print young millionaires.


Currently it is not difficult to start a company. You can make a killer product in your apartment rooms without having to register the company. This is enough for Facebook.

Entrepreneurship is a form of “enlightened gambling”. Skill and tenacity are the deciding factor. As long as you never give up when knocked down, and continue to learn, your chances of success remain there, you just have to dare to do it.