How to Be a Good Leader ( Boss )

good bossThe core idea of a good boss and a bad boss is that the good has a good ability to adjust to other people they lead so that they understand what it’s like to work for them which seems a bit cliche.

However, what is most interesting is that there are actually social psychological research shows that the more you give power to someone, the more likely they are to forget or neglect by those they lead so in many ways. So good leaders are those who can overcome this omission. There is also research that shows that when you give people power and they are monitored by the subordinate attached, this relates to how we are connected not only as human beings but can also be found in primates. A study involving a group of baboons showed that the male who becomes the leader ( alpha lazy ) being looked at by the herd for 20-30 seconds.

A good boss has the ability to achieve two objectives : the first is the performance or other competencies and the second is the humanity that elevates human confidence. However, the most crucial is how to understand and adjust.

I am inspired by the number of incoming e-mail that most ( 70 % ) came from the boss, whether boss or someone who has a bad boss and do not want to have a bad boss and do not want to be a bad boss later. The bottom line is people worried about whether they can work on a good boss or not to be a bad boss someday. A good boss is able to balance how to make other people comfortable but at the same time also able to encourage them to work hard and smart. It is not easy but also not impossible.