Fear In Starting A Business? Know The Cause!

fearNowadays, many people who yearn to have a their own business that promises of life and their survival, but of the many who want to open a business, only a few percent who run it according to what they want, you need to know that in opening a business, there are 2 things that inevitably you will encounter, failed or succeeded.

Apart from the shortage of capital money as well as skill, some people are still afraid of starting a business in which there already exists in front of the eyes. Some of the causes of that fear are as follows:

  • Fear of seeing competitors that already large or Standing for a long time.
  • Not confident with skill and its own merits.
  • Fear of not having a monthly income
  • Afraid to spend what was already gathered many years gone down the drain.
  • Fear of prospective consumers do not want with the product sold.
  • Do not dare to take a decision that is at risk.
  • Fear of others (family/person closest) will no longer trust him if he failed.
  • Afraid to take a step that is new for him in his life.
  • Dare not open on another person (afraid his idea stolen by other people)
  • Afraid to socialize and exchange ideas with other people
  • Don’t dare ask the seniors have first felt the success.
  • Feel if yourself the most true and considered best effort has an idea.

Well, that’s some of the things that used to make the human fear of starting a business or businesses who wish they do. If it seems you’ve been able to control the fear of starting a business is already vicious cycle, you try to start a business idea in the minds of your existing business.