Eight “P” to Preferred Customer

8pThe customer is king. A saying is not wrong. Because they can continue to live and because they keep our business running. Therefore, it’s good business people know what is important and desired by the customer. Here are 8 things that customers want

1. Product

What will you sell ? What products or services ? Is it unique ? What’s the difference with a competitor’s product ? If your product is the same as an existing product and no privileges, people find it difficult to get to know you or want to move away from the previous spot.

2. Price

What is the price offered ? Know, customers will surely find a cheaper price if the service, quality, and products that offer the same. ” The price difference is important. If you sell a product for $ 10 and a competitor sells for $ 9.9 , will definitely affect, But do not last so let happen continuous price competition.”

3. Place

Where and what channels are used ? The strategic location and ease of access will become an important and enjoyable for customers.

4. Promotion

Find out what you think will make customers eager to buy your goods ? Promotional gimmick would be a fun thing for the customer. Customers would be able to calculate the value of the price he get it remove.

5. Process

Like what you care ? For example, if you are the owner of a salon that provides services cream bath are generally clear sequence, of the customers who come to your place also expect the process clear and satisfactory service, right? Customers definitely get annoyed if it turns out the order was falling apart and even headache.

6. People

Who will take care of me as a customer ? Imagine yourself as a customer at a salon. Would you not expect that the people who take care of you is a person who is competent, friendly, and give priority to comfort you ? Just like that other customers also expect the services will he get.

7. Pace

Time is important. Especially when it is today . Customers need fast service. Who wants to wait long to be served ? Meet the needs of customers in a short time.

8. Proof

” Customers are walking advertisements “. Do not believe ? Try to remember, if you have had an experience of the service or product that is fun and good, would not you would recommend to others ? Customers need proof. When they were satisfied, he will bring other people into that place.