ANTRAX is a cost effective solutions VoIP to GSM network

antraxt gsmANTRAX( is a cost-effective solutions for the termination of voice traffic from VoIP to GSM network. ANTRAX product is a package of software and hardware designed to meet the high quality standards and professional manner.

Anthrax solution is a product of high quality that can be placed in various regions, cities and countries that show high performance. Antrax GSM-Gateway( can make calls with up to 30 active channels. And comes SIM-Box that contains up to 300 sim-card and allows to use all at the same time. In addition it is equipped with anti-fraud system that lets you will not get problems with mobile operators. supported by intelligent software and user friendly that allows users to operate and configure.

The components of the system ANTRAX


SIM-box: The bearing block has 15 slots for GSM and SIM boards

GSM gateway: A device for transmitting voice traffic from IP to cellular networks and vice versa


SIM-server: SIM-server contains a number of tools (scripts and algorithms), that underlies the anti-anti-fraud system

Graphical User Interface: GUI Allows to control and monitor the hardware of the system ANTRAX