Business Idea: Doing Business Food Truck

foodtruckWant to do business, but having trouble finding a permanent place? Why did not glance at the business that can be run in a non-permanent?

Because in fact doing business with this model makes you more flexible in “pick up” the customer. For example, the only food in the car business style food truck that has been done.

Food truck business to be supported by many factors, beyond the matter of the quality of the food. “Taste the delicious food compulsory, but beyond that there are still many things to be done a food truck owner if they want their business to run smoothly.”

Things that should be done, among others, include the matter of marketing strategy, the choice of location and cost.

Marketing strategy. Advertise on television or the media is able to provide exposure outside of the business, but business owners have a lot to spend if you want to implement this strategy. “The solution is to use the power of social media, which is relatively free”. “You can use FB, Instagram, Path, and of course Twitter to introduce and promote food truck you.”

What you can do with social media is actually very much. From the start just announcements, up-gimmick gimmick a quiz or event prizes, delicious dishes at the food truck you. “Search the idea is not too troublesome, just searching through google about marketing strategies in social media, and adjust to the conditions in the field, and apply.” “Do not forget to record the statistics of each strategy, so that you can measure the level of success of a strategy. By doing so you will not repeat the strategy actually does not work, and focus on what works. ”

Site selection strategy. You have two choices, occupy locations already crowded or make into a crowded location. The difference of these two places exists in the availability of land and land rental rates, which are already crowded place and strategic certainly very rarely available empty space, and rental prices are expensive place. “Whether it’ll be covered from sales turnover or not, that’s what you should be predicted through field surveys.”

Whereas, if the use of land that is not crowded, you can use strategies to engage the other truck food manager or other business as manager of the bazaar, to work together to enliven the land. “It takes more effort, but if successful will be the satisfaction of its own because it brings the coffers of money that a lot.”

Cost strategy. Do not get hung up on the use of food truck full size or large trucks as they are used by the manager of another food truck. Because the bigger truck that you use, the more expensive the price of the truck units, including the matter of maintenance costs, taxes, and fuel. Likewise hassles in selling site selection, which certainly impact on land rental costs.

Why not use a small truck or pick up micro-modified into a car shop that can support your business food truck, looking for a fuel efficient car Besides, maybe you could use a modified second-hand truck. This can help you reduce the budget when starting your business food truck.

“The point is, think about it in depth before spending any money. Remember, even if the food truck business often begins from the idealism, the business side must also be calculated carefully to avoid waste, “