Bjorn Roche Combine Entrepreneurship with Rock music

bjorn rocheThis one guy be tangible evidence that combining different passion in entrepreneurship with the world of art music was possible. “Being a rock star is my plan B,” said Bjorn Roche as quoted by pages.

Roche grew up as a child dreamed of being a famous rock singer on stage with music fans who are screaming as she sang out loud. At the same time, he also wanted to be a scientist who is ‘ crazy. ‘

Now, the children grow into young entrepreneur combined with the spirit of an eccentric scientist and rock singer whose expressive. He worked on the design of software for the music industry. He makes Software used by musicians such as Linkin park, Weezer and other rock musicians. Do not miss Roche also make tools for musicians to collaborate online, including the first audio editor that allows recording, merging, editing and special effects in real time on a web browser, the Mantis.

As one of the leading experts in virtual worlds and collaborative audio, Bjorn grow the software to startup-startup like IndabaMusic, Sterling Sound, one of the world’s most famous mastering studio. audio Z-Systems, the manufacturer of the router for digital signal processing and high segments and help the production of a number of major publications such as the DVD Rolling Stones.

Currently, Bjorn worked for secret project Xonami which for the first time will make it easy for musicians and music producers to collaborate on various musical projects from anywhere in the world in real time.