Anticipation Thief Idea In Your Office

As a worker, you are expected not only focused on its mandated job description of your leadership. You are also required to provide ideas and ideas for the betterment of the company. As good employees, you also meet the demands. Yes, after brainstorming, various ideas were milling through your mind. But unexpectedly, co-workers who also serves as the outpouring of your idea, the idea suddenly sabotaged. In fact, the fellow did not know this themselves, claimed in front of the leader, that the idea was his.thief ideas

So, how do you anticipate the thief this idea? First, make sure that the idea is purely yours, because there byword “There’s nothing new under the same sun”. Yes, it could be, it’s someone you’ve always thought of the idea is embedded in your mind. Only, he had his first representing them in front of the decision maker.

However, the characteristics of the thief could be known this idea really. Generally, they have an ambitious nature. All means will they take to realize their wishes, including stealing the idea. Could be, people like this, do not realize that they have committed reprehensible acts. Why, in their brains, which is important, their goals can be achieved.

If the work environment scattered around the creatures of this kind, cannot, you have to keep good idea in the mind. Talk necessary to teammate divisions, including your boss and write more in a computer file that has been given a secret password. You also must be fair when your colleagues contributed to this idea, make sure you mention them when present.

If the thief idea too far to commit this crime, then there is no harm in you confront him. Point out that the idea was yours, and he is not entitled to claim it as his own ideas and wishes to present the idea.

You must also have the courage to speak out in any formal meeting. Do not until you ‘borrow’ another person’s mouth to express his ideas. And, do not ever feel cured to convey ideas directly in front of the boss, when in the previous meeting your idea is rejected completely,

So, what if the idea has already been stolen? In addition to limiting interactions with actors, you also have to motivate yourself to continue to spawn brilliant ideas. Why, sooner or later, your colleague’s devious actions will surely come out, especially if the implementation is not running perfectly. And this means already finished his career at the company where you work.

If the thief is the boss of your own ideas, then you need to further improve the quality of your work. So that the company officials could assess the true quality that is within you. Next time, if your boss asks your opinion, you should not disclose details. Or, invite your boss to discuss until both arrive at conclusions together. And reiterate, that it belongs to the idea of ​​you and not your own boss.