Advantages of Using Online Time Clock For Your Business

Punch card time clocks are now officially obsolete. If you are a business owner and you still use a punch card time clock, you are behind the times. There are much better options available on the market today that can increase your profits, prevent your employees from stealing from you and allow you to monitor your staffing situation easily and remotely. While these types of time clocks require software and a monthly subscription fee, the cost is well worth it when you factor in the money they will save your business. Allied Time is a company that sells all of the latest time clocks at reasonable prices. Here are some of the features your time clock should have.

online time clock

Remote access

In the old days, if you were a business owner and you went away on a vacation, you would have to rely on one of your managers to take care of all the staffing decisions in your absence. Nowadays, a business owner can still have a very hands-on approach, even if he or she is on the other side of the world. Software now exists that can allow a business owner to access his or her online time clock. After logging in, the names of every employee currently punched in will appear in real time, along with the time they punched in. You will also be able to see who is scheduled to come in later, and who has failed to show up on time. On particularly busy days, a business owner can adjust the schedule accordingly, ensuring that there are enough employees to handle a large amount of work. This software enables the owner or manager of a business to never be out of the loop regarding staffing decisions, even if they are not in the building.

Time and attendance reports

The software associated with new time clocks provides the user with time and attendance reports. These reports are emailed directly to the user at a time that he or she can determine. The reports will outline which employees have been tardy, which ones have not been clocking out for their lunch, which ones have been punching in for their shift too early and various other issues that could cause a business to lose money. These reports also help to reduce the time it takes you to process your payroll. The payroll will be automatically calculated for you by the software.