6 Ways to Increase Efficiency at the Office

increase businessAre you tired of gazing at sleepy-eyed employees? Or maybe you’re frustrated that you keep missing your sales goals. Here are just a few ways to get your office back on track.

1. Set Clear Goals

Most of your employees want to make you happy. It’s just that they aren’t always sure how to do it. To decrease confusion and increase productivity, start setting clear goals each week. These can be anything from “cold-call X number of potential customers” to “make X number of sales.”

2. Offer Incentives

Positive reinforcement can work wonders to motivate your employees. For example, they’ll be much more incentivized to meet that deadline if everyone who does so gets an extra half-hour for lunch the next day. You can also offer cash, sweepstakes winnings and even better parking spots.

3. Go Paperless

No one likes paperwork. So why not get rid of it entirely? In addition to boosting morale among your staff, you’ll also be able to reduce office overhead when you’re no longer required to buy pens, staplers, copiers, printers and other paper-related tools. You’ll be doing your part for the environment and saving money.

4. Get Organized

Start commenting on messy desks and sloppy reports. Encourage the use of something like a BPM software solution for better office workflow. Hang a billboard in the middle of the foyer so everyone is always on the same page in terms of quotas and deadlines. The more organized you are, the more your good example will influence others.

5. Open the Windows

Fresh air and sunshine can have an invigorating effect on dim, dusty cubicles. If you’re looking for an easy way to help your employees get over their post-lunch fatigue, throw open the windows and let the sunshine in.

6. Change Your Light Bulbs

In the same vein as the above, never underestimate the effect that fresh light can have on your employees. White light is specifically said to be good for offices since it stimulates the brain and boosts cognitive function. Say goodbye to those useless halogen bulbs and hello to bright white CFLs!

These are just a few tips for increasing productivity at the office. Remember, most of your employees want to give you their best, but various things around the office are working against them. Use these tips to fix that.