4 Smart Steps set the Financial in 2016

invesmentThe new year is already in sight. It is time we make a financial resolution for us in 2016.

There are two main staples in a financial resolution next year. First, the “save more”. Second, the “spend less”. However, again it is easily pronounced than realized.

“Give it a chance you determine the primary purpose of which is to say, specific, and can be followed up, but give a deadline,” says financial planner from Exencial Wealth Advisors in Texas, Neil Krishnawamy.

Following the recommended guidelines of the financial planner in conducting your financial resolution in the next year:

1. Paying Debt

paying debts

With the rise in interest rates at The Fed’s first time in this decade, many banks are expected to raise the interest rate of the loan. This certainly would reduce consumer interest to owe.

“The loan will be more expensive over a rise in interest rates,” says financial planner Christopher Krell.

If you have multiple debts, it is recommended to prioritize the order of highest interest rate increase in the calculation of your finances.

2. Create a Budget Emergency

The necessity of setting aside some of the money for the budget not unexpected, like when should lose their jobs. The experts recommended the presence of budget to live 3-6 months in advance.

Make sure Save this unpredictable budget in an easily accessible place like a savings or money market.

3. Boost Retirement Savings

Experts recommend setting aside 10 percent of their earnings for retirement accounts. If you do not so much excess from your income, then it can be started from set aside 1%, 2%, and so on.

4. Reset the investment strategy

This is also a good idea to start the new year with a plan to invest, but still is taken into account the risks next year. The need for diversification of investment products to benefit in accordance with your goals.