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4 Smart Steps set the Financial in 2016

invesmentThe new year is already in sight. It is time we make a financial resolution for us in 2016.

There are two main staples in a financial resolution next year. First, the “save more”. Second, the “spend less”. However, again it is easily pronounced than realized.

“Give it a chance you determine the primary purpose of which is to say, specific, and can be followed up, but give a deadline,” says financial planner from Exencial Wealth Advisors in Texas, Neil Krishnawamy.

Following the recommended guidelines of the financial planner in conducting your financial resolution in the next year:

1. Paying Debt

paying debts

With the rise in interest rates at The Fed’s first time in this decade, many banks are expected to raise the interest rate of the loan. This certainly would reduce consumer interest to owe.

“The loan will be more expensive over a rise in interest rates,” says financial planner Christopher Krell.

If you have multiple debts, it is recommended to prioritize the order of highest interest rate increase in the calculation of your finances.

2. Create a Budget Emergency

The necessity of setting aside some of the money for the budget not unexpected, like when should lose their jobs. The experts recommended the presence of budget to live 3-6 months in advance.

Make sure Save this unpredictable budget in an easily accessible place like a savings or money market.

3. Boost Retirement Savings

Experts recommend setting aside 10 percent of their earnings for retirement accounts. If you do not so much excess from your income, then it can be started from set aside 1%, 2%, and so on.

4. Reset the investment strategy

This is also a good idea to start the new year with a plan to invest, but still is taken into account the risks next year. The need for diversification of investment products to benefit in accordance with your goals.

This Way Will Make You Have A Lot Of Friends In The Work Environment

friendSometimes though in a working environment despite the crowded with people, but not necessarily we have many friends in it. Often we as alienated in the crowd work environment. Many things can cause this to happen, and of course this will affect your work at the company. An uncomfortable working environment will automatically create a work atmosphere is also uncomfortable, especially for your own.

Different if you have a lot of friends at your place of work, a lot of friends will make the work more spirit, the atmosphere is full of familiarity and comfort. This kind of work environment far more healthy and will make you more productive work. If you are feeling lonely or lacking friends and want to have a lot of friends in the work environment then you need to do a few things below.

1. Don’t be afraid to Share

Share is a thing that still is something heavy was done by most employees. Especially in terms of science, many employees tend to be unwilling to share their knowledge with other co-workers. They like the fear you will become rivals when they have to share knowledge. General employees will not pretend to understand if asked for help to teach something.

It is actually not necessary, you do share, and don’t be stingy with the science. Believe me, the sharing of science will not make you into a shortage of science, quite the contrary, you will gain additional knowledge that You might never suspect before. Love to share with you to a different friend, then of course you will be liked by Your colleagues.

2. Please respect other’s work Friend

One way to have a lot of friends in the work environment is to appreciate a different friend. You must be the guy who can appreciate any of your co-workers. Respect of the tribe, race or religion they are, never abused her. In addition, appreciate your opinion and also their attitude toward something.

There may be times when their opinion is not the same with you, but don’t impose Your opinion then you and justify it. It would be better if mutually appreciative in discussions to get the best results in the company.

3. Don’t Become Flatterers in the work environment

It is important that you do, don’t be the one two-faced or even flatterers in the work environment. You have to work professionally, prioritizing performance and achievements you get a good career. Lest You bad-mouth the other co-workers in the eyes of your boss.

Maybe there is currently no one knows, but sooner or later will surely known also by your other co-workers. And if that’s the case, surely you will be shunned by your work friends, and of course you will be isolated and have no friends.

4. Participate in the activities of a work Friend

Be active in all activities that held your co-workers. Don’t isolate yourself in lonely, take occasionally in the activities organized by the friends of your work, this is the key to having a lot of friends in the work environment. Like for example if you invite friends work out together on weekends, just follow.

By following the activities of colleagues outside of work hours, will make Your friendship with them increasingly familiar and of course will make you more comfortable dealing with them. And this little lot will be carried away in a work environment in which you work on it.

5. Never stole the idea from a friend

It’s very important not to do, you do if you want to have a lot of friends in the work environment. Do not let you steal creative ideas from your friends. It is possible that one day you will be asked by your boss about something in the company.

If you have your own ideas Yes, please provide course directly to your supervisor. And perhaps you know the idea of your friends, you can deliver it as well but of course coupled with informing superiors that those ideas from your friends. Or you could just convey at a glance in order to later let your own friend who delivered whole to superiors.

5 Steps to Achieve Financial Happiness

freedom financialHAVING full control of the money held is one way to make people feel happy, regardless of how much wealth. By adopting a number of good habits, everyone can feel happier about life overall financial.

Here are some good financial habits that you can apply, as revealed in a book entitled ‘The Ten Commandments of Financial Happiness’:


Perform file system so that you can more easily record income and expenditure. Thus, more time and energy you can save.

Direct pay bills

Do not wait until all the bills pile up and then the new pay once. Instead, pay directly once the bill arrives. Paying a dozen bills at once can make you hit to see so much money being drained out of savings. Instead, pay the bills coming one by one so will not make you too surprised to see the amount.

Savings of five percent

Set aside at least five percent of the monthly income for savings. It can make you automatically met financial happiness. You can immediately set aside five per cent of earnings before spending it for other purposes. Once it was used to save, you can gradually increase the amount to 10 percent or higher.

Create and achieve goals

Achieving happiness is not merely the problem has reached a goal or not, but about making progress. Create one or two financial goals every time, and work hard to make it a reality. Feel the happiness you enjoy when through the process.


People who practice some of their property will feel happier and healthier physically and mentally. They tend to sleep better and exercise more frequently so as to have a healthier mind. Moreover, giving wealth to others as well abstain from greed and unsatisfied. Thus, you will feel more grateful for the pleasures of life which is owned today.

Here’s 4 Reasons Why Women Need To Save More Than Men

women savingThe increasing cost of living, lifestyle and join the ride, making the women’s difficult saving up. Every end of the month, leaving only a savings account balance so many thousand dollars only. Often the lack of a savings account is not caused by a lack of income, but mistakes in managing their finances. Finally, they overlook the importance of saving, let alone, there are still husband who became the main breadwinner in the family.

In fact, women are supposed to save more than men! Rather than simply saving to fund the living, education, or family vacation, but also saving for retirement. Want to know why we have to have more savings?

Live longer

On average, women live longer than men. So later, when we have no living spouse, we have to undergo a longer retirement. That is, we have to finance our own lives (and the kids). Therefore, even if your husband is still active and able to provide for you and your family, you also should have their own savings. Set aside at least 15 percent of your salary for pension funds.

The greater cost of living

Compare living costs you and your husband, or Your male colleagues? Who is more wasteful, or had greater expenses? Usually women who salary is rapidly depleted, because it is spent on things that are less important. While shopping in the market, most women lust does bargaining. At the supermarket, the women willingly buy items cheaper a couple thousand dollars only. However, we are willing to pay top dollar to fund our lifestyles. Can’t believe it? How often do you buy up the clothes when there are sale, get some coffee-get some coffee, buy a branded bag or shoes long-we seek?

Women lower salaries than men

It’s the fact that we still experienced at some companies. Then, how can save more if our salaries are, on average lower than men? The answer is simple: create an extra income. You can achieve this by searching the side job, or a small business building. If you feel not quite have time for extra work, inevitably You do have to work harder and ask for salary increases equal with men.

Family oriented

When already married women, attention is also split on the children. We may no longer shopping for yourself, but also for the husband and especially children. The woman was the one who cared to buy clothes, cooking a healthy meal, buy a package of books or video lessons reads (the price is not cheap), or “smart” toys for children. Thus, spending on women will be even greater. By themselves, they need to save more in order to always meet a variety of needs.

As role models for children

In many studies, often expressed that the mother is the figure who became a role model, because the children will be more likely to spend time with the mother rather than the father. The mother became a figure that plays a role in financial management in the family. The mother of all, children learns how to regulate the finance functions. According to, about one in four young adults said that their mother gave the greatest financial influence in their life when it went off great. Therefore, give a good example to children about finance. Always save, and save are some of the simplest examples.

How To Be An Entrepreneur: From Where Should I Start?

How do I start becoming an entrepreneur? ” Some people start by creating an online store, but how the mindset to start? This is very much a question asked by people who want to start a business. You can get a lot of answers from different point of view. The following are answers from Oliver Emberton, co-founder of Silktide, a software company in the United Kingdom.

You don’t need any particular qualifications, the money or the brain of the planet or even a good idea. Committed entrepreneur is to make “something” that consistently make money.

Warning signs, a company as a machine that You design and build, here is a McDonalds:

How to become an entrepreneur McDonald business machine

Your machine must have certain parts. He was selling something to someone and re-invest a portion of the sales to help make a sale in the future. All that’s left is profit for the owner. The following is an example of Google:


If you can design, build and maintain this machine, you can become rich. But of course it is not easy.

It’s time to talk about yourself

Young people, not rich, difficult to get a job or hate your job? Maybe a little “rebellious” nature? Perfect, you have no bad habits and will probably work until your nails are broken and your eyes fall to the table. The world is waiting for you.

You people who are older, wiser, a little bit of money deposited in your bank account with a stable job? Maybe a little bit of home loan and kids? Your Home Work becomes an entrepreneur a bit more weight, but it can still be done.

The most important quality of a good entrepreneur is energy and determination. The other thing is to be a persuasive, it can be learned. I started as a super shy at age 21, I quickly learned how to sell because it’s the only way so that I can eat.

Quite the opening line, now let’s make You richer than ever

“The idea”

Forget the nonsense things that you hear about the value of an idea.

The idea that cheap.

The business idea was worth less than half the already eaten sandwiches. At least you can eat a sandwich.

Of course you need some ideas. But know that successful companies get funding not only from the brilliant idea of the wild. Starbucks started selling coffee in Seattle. Facebook build a better MySpace, Google builds a better Yahoo search. Microsoft copying Apple – while Apple copying Xerox.

Original ideas are overrated

That’s not overrated is timing. Google chose the right time to build a search engine, if you want to create it now yes good luck.

Most people are afraid of starting a business when there is competition, but the competition could have been is good.

The best place to make new restaurant is right next to the other restaurants that are already successful. They’ve been with a good heart and hard work to build an audience. Many good businesses to piggyback on the success of other businesses, it is better to have a fewer competitors than nothing, you just need to be 10% better.

I personally recommend selling something that you and your friends will buy in a matter of seconds. You will understand your own field of Ahold, you will understand Your customer, you will be very passionate toward what you are doing.

If you could make that your company is about “why” rather than “what”, You will inspire yourself and people around you. To be able to survive to the next step, you will need a grain-grain of inspiration.


Started the company more or less similar to raising a child, everyone assumes you know what you are doing, but the baby was born without a right and the company’s manual instructions, You pass through with fall up and learn while walking.

At first you will most likely fail. Your goal is building a money machine, but you may not have the required parts of a whole. Your idea might just be half wrong, but you don’t know which part is wrong, this is normal.

How to be a businessman 2

A big part of starting the company was to convince people to trust you. When Steve Jobs co-founded Apple, he had no money and had no customer, that ensues, he became an entrepreneur.

The first one he did was convince the local computer store to order Apple products that haven’t even been created, the next she assured supplier of components required to make it with an order that he be able to convince the supplier that he could buy it. Then Jobs and his little team work in the garage to build the first computer, delivered to the store on time and make a profit is fair. Apple was born with minimal capital.

apple computer

The way so employers apple

Often when running all of these entrepreneurs must juggle between build the perfect company (idealist) and pay bills (realist) – the absence of all of them might kill your business. Many who believe that the realist / idealist partnerships are common in business.

Do not Scaling quickly

Do not perform scaling with prematurely. Don’t be a big company too fast. Be slow in burning/spending money. Don’t waste time writing a mission statement and policy documents. You were a kid, be agile and always on a mission. Create and sell goods. There will be time for the HR Department.

Don’t be surprised if you will change Your entire company. Very rare a business can survive from the first contact with the customer.

How to survive for long periods, reinvest in the success of your small successes-and doubled.

Copy yourself

This is a step that is almost never fulfilled by the small business.

Until this position, a cash machine you almost always have a part that cannot be separated: You as a founder.

If you have an accounting background, you might head accountant. If you are a programmer, you may be the best programmer there.

Whatever you do, you always feel part of life and has always been “overworked” or work overload.

real business

How to be a businessman 3

This piece weighs: you have to make yourself to be “not useful” or redundant in your team.

If you suddenly die tomorrow, your business must keep running as usual.

Alternatively, you become self-employed with an Assistant.

Some businesses could not release this trap, if you’re a brilliant copywriter, you’ll camp. Because that made this company great is you. In this case, unless you can embed them in Your business model, you will not develop.

McDonalds building businesses that continue to run though they pay the minimum salary. The process by which they run allowed them to do so: every burger is efficient and barely any difference. Their brand is so strong that people lined up to eat there.

Your business may be very different from McDonalds but wherever possible should be equally strong.

If you can reach this situation, you could have something that is self-sustaining. You should be able to generate a good income while you are not working. Your time is now free to tweak your business into something better. Now you need to do to be able to colonize the world is:


The last step is like playing “Who Wants to Be A Millionaire”. Each question you answer correctly will give You money, if wrong, you go home.

The way so employers 4

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that a big company like a small company – it’s just bigger-

In line with the development of the company, the culture you will also change. Even you can hate the company that you create yourself (many founders felt the conflict like this). You

Remember, no business can grow without limit. Some business more efficiently with a certain size – it is easy to be a plumbing repair company with just one person, but it is almost impossible to build pipeline repair company with 1000 people. Understand Your limit from the beginning. The internet software company is a company that can scale well, therefore many print young millionaires.


Currently it is not difficult to start a company. You can make a killer product in your apartment rooms without having to register the company. This is enough for Facebook.

Entrepreneurship is a form of “enlightened gambling”. Skill and tenacity are the deciding factor. As long as you never give up when knocked down, and continue to learn, your chances of success remain there, you just have to dare to do it.

How To Form A Strong Mental In Career

strong mentalHas a strong mentality is one of the keys to success. Someone who has had a strong mental attitude and a healthy lifestyle.

Characteristics of people who have a strong mental, such as being able to regulate emotions, thoughts, and behaviour. As reported by the on Thursday (10/12), some of the things that must be done to establish a person to be strong mentally.

1. Do not waste time to a regret

If you want to have a strong mentality, stop to blaming themselves and regret something that has already passed. Know that life is not always easy and fair to live so do not waste your time on anything that is not important.

2 Do not waste your energy

Meticulous in regulating where your energies should be used so as not wasted. The key is to regulate emotions and smart in choosing a decision.

3. Do not be ashamed to face changes

Someone with a strong mental does not shy away from change around it. On the contrary, they welcome a change with positive thoughts and try flexible in the face.

4. Do not hesitate to make other people happy

If you want to have a strong mentality, do not ever hesitate to make others feel happy with your presence. Additionally, do not be afraid to talk when needed during that sounds fair and reasonable.

5. Do not ever be afraid to take risks

Someone with a strong mental dare to take risks. However, these risks are taken with careful consideration so as not to decide the origin.

6. Do not get stuck in the past

Stuck nostalgia and memories of the past could be the cause of a person’s mental weakness. Do not waste time to survive or even stuck the past because it does not educate you forward to success.

7. Do not make the same mistake

People with a strong mental will be responsible with what he does and learn from the mistakes of the past. As a result, if you want to have a mentally strong, continuous co-opted to avoid the same mistakes.

8. Never give up after the first failure

Forming strong mentally, do not see a failure as an excuse to give up. However, use of such failure as an opportunity to grow and spur themselves to continue to try until it works.