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How to Be a Good Leader ( Boss )

good bossThe core idea of a good boss and a bad boss is that the good has a good ability to adjust to other people they lead so that they understand what it’s like to work for them which seems a bit cliche.

However, what is most interesting is that there are actually social psychological research shows that the more you give power to someone, the more likely they are to forget or neglect by those they lead so in many ways. So good leaders are those who can overcome this omission. There is also research that shows that when you give people power and they are monitored by the subordinate attached, this relates to how we are connected not only as human beings but can also be found in primates. A study involving a group of baboons showed that the male who becomes the leader ( alpha lazy ) being looked at by the herd for 20-30 seconds.

A good boss has the ability to achieve two objectives : the first is the performance or other competencies and the second is the humanity that elevates human confidence. However, the most crucial is how to understand and adjust.

I am inspired by the number of incoming e-mail that most ( 70 % ) came from the boss, whether boss or someone who has a bad boss and do not want to have a bad boss and do not want to be a bad boss later. The bottom line is people worried about whether they can work on a good boss or not to be a bad boss someday. A good boss is able to balance how to make other people comfortable but at the same time also able to encourage them to work hard and smart. It is not easy but also not impossible.

Find Business Ideas from Everyday Life

businessIdeasBusiness ideas can come from any era. The great businesses sometimes find new ideas through the experience of everyday life, which is sometimes taken for granted.

Here are some ways to find creative ideas through everyday life.

Make a list of activities

At any time, there is always a task or job to be completed. While undergoing daily life, try to make a list of activities that may be overlooked by others, abandoned, or even difficult. Sometimes, events like that that could be a potential opportunity.

Start from the experience itself. Ask yourself, what can make you annoyed ? What was easy, fun, or comfortable ?

Hunting ideas in different places

New ideas require creativity, so try to go places that are diverse and you’ve never visited before. You might just find a great idea while on vacation or finding unexpected inspiration while visiting an art exhibition.

Open your eyes wide, then you will find the answer. A hunter ideas will not only ask, but also will try to feel a new experience. Do not ever hesitate to learn new things, even if you feel it is hard to do.

See how others solve problems

There’s always a situation where you are faced with a problem . Try to see how others solve the problem, because this is your chance to learn. See the simple things, such as how to organize a mini market their inventory, how a bundle can captivate your eyes, or how Amazon could encourage people to shop. You can borrow or re-use these ideas, then apply to your business.

Tips How To Business Negotiation

negotiateMost of the business issues in the field turned out to be caused by a lack of understanding of the business people of the importance of negotiation and how to do it right. In fact, negotiation is often more decisive than the agreement in black and white, especially in the early start of cooperation. Even sometimes also negotiating extemporaneous. As a result, when done, the negotiations only be in vain and we are so loss of time and effort. In fact, the losses could have been avoided if business people negotiating position as a crucial element in running the business cooperation.

The ability to negotiate must be diligent honed. Prior to formulate it in the form of a clause, you must perform a successful negotiation, because a successful negotiation is the spirit of the preparation of the contract.

The essence of negotiation is preparation. Look at the art of negotiation as a process and be conscientious. There are several things you should consider in negotiating, among others, as follows.

1 . Make a target achievement of the negotiations are going to do

Determine the minimum requirements that you must earn, as well as the maximum terms will you offer. Think and prepare a variety of alternative roads to offer a solution that you want, do not just prepare one way. If in the first negotiation was not reached an agreement, do the second way.

2 . Perform comprehensive research

The desire to learn and know whom you are negotiating. Learn also the weakness and strength. Go up to the covert. In this research, we recommend that you work alone and do not need to ask for help from others. Meet the truth, and do not fall on others or conclusion statement for a moment. Get evidence, documentation, and numbers intact. Negotiator always do your research to find out the character of his opponent, the background, habits, hobbies, preferences, etc. Proved that most of the businesses won contracts not at the conference table, but on the golf course, a yacht, or a restaurant.

3 . Discuss the topic was limited to issues that are negotiated

Separate ego and your personal life. Do not let personal problems hinder the ongoing negotiation process. Large companies usually have special negotiating team. They realize the importance of negotiation, so they put the right people to do this important work. In one team usually consists of several people with different skills. Separation of the negotiating teams from another division intended to prevent personal conflicts during the negotiation process.

4 . Consider the primary purpose of negotiations

Remember the end result that we want in negotiations. Negotiation is not a matter of winning or losing, let alone to bring down an opponent. Keep your emotions, and remain level-headed. Never mind, the ego, or the urge to be selfish.

5 . In negotiating, remain as fair as possible

You need to think about the advantages and goodness for all parties. Do not create things that will likely lead to unfair competition or hostility.

6 . Provide alternate win-win solution to the opponent

Be flexible to the possibilities. This flexible attitude will help you to get out of the impasse. Prepare several alternative solutions that can create conditions predicted for the mutual benefit of all parties.

7 . Complete the negotiation process with a quick and straightforward

Avoid factors that tiring the opponent and yourself. The negotiation process need not linger. In addition where the negotiations should also be conducive, easily accessible, and cultivated calm, quiet, and not much interference from outside.

Overcome Financial Pressure in Small and Medium Business

cashflowbusinessYou can change the financial pressures become a business success by utilizing business management skills, time, and finances are good. With still be realistic and apply the techniques of proper planning you can take control of your business situation before it gets out of control. Manage finances wisely pressure of your small business and observe your company grows.

First of all, give a real description. Know where your business is located in a position financially. Look at your assets, liabilities, profits, and your debts. Create a budget that can give you real picture about the flow of money in and out of your business. Once you can know exactly what the money is spent for you, you can now set a strategy to reduce the money spent on it so that your finances back improved.

Next, try to re-evaluate the short -term goals and long-term. Set realistic goals and can be realized within a certain period. Long-term goals you determine where the position where you want your company to be. Use short term goals to achieve long-term goals in stages, which can actually minimize the pressure. Divide it into several shorter goals can also reduce stress because you can focus on tasks that are not too onerous to achieve your long-term goals.

Furthermore , observe your staff . Make sure they are a team player who will help you make a profit and instead spend the time or the funds companies. You could be laying off a staff that does not provide benefits but gives more trouble and expense for the company and then hire new staff. You can print larger profits with new players in the team.

After that, consider hiring an advisor or consultant who can give you guidance. The consultant is usually an expert with experience in the field, not only theoretically but also practically. An accountant can learn bookkeeping you with objective and tell you in the post anywhere you can save money. Meet a financial planner if you want to find out how to increase profits and investment.

Then, enrich your knowledge about financial issues and find a solution to the financial problems you are facing. Go to the seminars relating to small businesses and small business owners to know how others deal with and resolve their financial problems.

Finally , do not forget to constantly market your business. You must make sure that the business you run prospects remain bright even now you ‘ve got a lot of customers. By doing that, you do not have to lose revenue. Plan ahead of time and the level of pressure that must be faced will be lower.

Want to Know How to Succeed at Age 20

enterpreneurSome people at this age the first time to find out what it means to be an adult . Are you still a student , recent graduate , living alone , or both parents are still together , you can listen to some advice from other people who already know how to survive in the real world .

In the survey , as quoted from Businessinsider Quora , users are asked to answer the question , ” What can I do at the age of 20 yrs that will benefit my future ? ”

The survey summarizes some of the best responses . Here are some things to do so that your 20yr old ” bright ” .

1 . Learning set time

Without the structure of school , it’s up to you , begin to schedule your own day -to-day . Because , at the early age of 20 years you will be so busy starting a career , build a romantic life , on the other hand still wanted to have time for yourself . You have to find a way to prioritize and cope with the demands of competition . Agarwal suggest you experiment with different approaches , until you find yourself the art of time management .

2 . Subtract engagement with smartphone

Current generation grew up with social media . Some of them may be too attached to their smartphones . Get a grip , someone likes your photo on Facebook is not as important as what is happening around . If you live in the real world around , then you could actually learn something , listen better , and can contribute to a conversation .

3 . Perform journey as much as you can

Agarwal said , at the age of 20 yrs you are mature enough to navigate the outside world alone . You also mature enough to learn from others . Take a trip will introduce you to different cultures , and it will open your mind and way of thinking . In addition to their self-confidence and social skills , you will make memories that will last you a lifetime .

4 . Chasing passion, not money

At the early age of 20 yrs , you may not have a spouse , children , and this bill was . Free yourself from the desire to reap huge salaries . Quoting Steve Jobs , Agarwal said , ” If you do not like something , you will not go the extra mile , work the extra weekend , challenge the status q.u.o ” .

5 . Knowing yourself

Use this period to find out what really drives you , what really makes you scared , strengths , weaknesses too . Understanding yourself will help you give you peace of mind , and set you up for success .

6 Steps to Create a Plan For Your Business

businessplanMaybe for many entrepreneurs , a business plan or commonly known as a business plan is not an absolute requirement in running a successful business . However , if traced further role in the development of a business plan to a venture turned out to be vital . A business plan is a crucial factor in the successful establishment of a business and is often regarded as an integral part of determining the feasibility of providing credit funds .

The business plan is usually in the form of a written document that clearly illustrate and analyze your business , and provide detailed information about the purpose of short -term and long-term strategies to achieve goals , and strengths and weaknesses of the company with respect to the targeted market . An ideal business plan will provide better opportunities to help locate potential investors and an effective guide that you can use to monitor the progress of the business in the future . Here are six easy steps in preparing a good business plan for your business :

Step 1

Describe the products or services you offer . This section should be used to discuss with intensive product or service you are selling , and explain what advantages can be obtained by consumers . In addition , specify how and where your product will be made . If you run a retail business , make sure that you provide details about the location and demographics of the area businesses . In addition , you must include information about the competition you face , and also mentioned the constraints and challenges that must be overcome before they are able to reach the market .

Step 2

Your market analysis in this section . Include information about customer needs , how do you wish to reach customers , how do you plan to advertise products or services you offer , and how much money you want to spend big to affirm and growth potential of the market you are working on . You must also include a detailed plan that shows how you will distribute the goods to the consumer.

Step 3

Define your competition and explain the benefits of your efforts have competitors in the targeted market niche . This section is important for investors and you should use it as a means to highlight the strengths of your business and your competitors weaknesses . However , it is also important to be realistic and honest with yourself and those who will be the source of your funds .

Step 4

Draw the structure , management , and strategy of your company’s operations . Here , give an explanation of manufacturing , purchasing , staffing , and the acquisition of necessary equipment and facilities for your business . You should include information on how you will build relationships with vendors and accentuate the experience of your management team . Investors want to know whether your management team understands the market and the product , as well as having the necessary experience to start a business and run it well .

Step 5

Provide accurate financial information and detailed for use by potential investors . You are required to provide prospective financial information ( the future ) and historical ( past) . It also includes financial statements and statements of cash each year for the effort you have to walk ( usually three to five years ) and you have to explain directly the expectations and revenue expected in the future . Guarantees are available to be registered because it could be a factor when you are trying to get funding .

Step 6

Create a persuasive executive summary . It can be added at the beginning of the business plan , but can be made at the end of writing a business plan . The executive summary should include information regarding the company’s history , outline your goals , descriptions of products or services , information about the market and the estimated growth , a summary of your management team , and a strong statement about the strength of the business and why you want it managed . This executive summary is a summary of most of your business plan . The difference, it must be written so that readers ( investors ) to read more to complete. Limit the executive summary into one or two pages .