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Leading By Knowledge ‘ , How to Lead Your Business Team

team leaderThere are different ways to lead a team. One of the best is leading by knowledge, because it makes the team believes that they already have the right leader could ask for anything. There are several things you can do to lead in this way :

1. Build credibility with and always adds to the experience of information literacy. The leader is a place to learn and ask for all team members. Even if there are things unknown, seek information on a wide range of media available as soon as possible.

2. Moment of crisis is a good time to implement these leadership techniques. Make quick decisions, socialize and guards its implementation. Provide tangible evidence is a very effective way.

3. Understand what is becoming a major concern among the team members, if there is one of those less familiar with their duties, accompanied immediately without having to be asked.

4. Do not over in presenting their expertise. Gap is too big sometimes it makes demotivation and make team members depends on the decision of the leader and just turn off the creativity and initiative in work.

Donald Trump, Entrepreneur who was successful in the world of television

donald trumpWho is not familiar with Donald Trump. A complete man named Donald John Trump is the most famous figure of the entrepreneur in the world of entertainment. He is best known as a pioneer of television programs, and a successful businessman from United States.

Trump was born on June 14, 1946 in Queens, New York as the son of Fred Trump, a Real Estate Development and marketing in New York. He has three siblings, one male and two females. She is the oldest sister Maryanne Trump Barry, a federal judge.

He attended The Kew-Forest School in Forest Hills, Queens. But after the chaos that is going on there at the moment is 13 years old, his parents sent to Trump the New York Military Academy in the hopes that he will be a tough guy. It went smoothly. In fact, he was promoted as a Captain-S4 Officer during his senior.

He studied at Fordham University for two years before he moved to the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. After graduating in 1968 with a degree in economics, he joined his father’s real estate company The Trump Organization which concentrates on the field of a middle-class home rental.

One of his first projects was to renovate the apartment complex of Swifton Village in Cincinnati, Ohio. Trump change complex 1200 apartment units and raise tariffs by 66 percent to 100 percent. When reselling Swifton Village for US $ 12 million, Trump Organization raked in a profit of US $ 6 million.

In the 1970s, Trump profited from the New York City Government over tax payments in Exchange for the financial crisis facing the Hotel Commodore. Trump also successfully developed the field properties for the Javits Convention Center. Expansion of the Javits Convention Center makes the Trump deal with the Government of New York City. One of the projects, worth US $ 110 million it made New York pay between US $ 750 million to $ 1 billion. Trump also offered to recompense the project but his offer was rejected.

Similar circumstances occurred when New York tried to renovate the Wollman Rink in Central Park. A project targeted completion in 1980 in 2.5 years, but until 1986 and a Fund of US $ 12 million project has been issued has not yet completed. Trump also offered to handle the project and he finish it within six months with funding merely US $ 750,000.

In 1990, as the impact of the recession, Trump had trouble paying his debts. He was faced with the problem of loan Casino third payer i.e. Taj Mahal the equivalent of US $ 1 billion with interest very high.

On November 2, 1992, the Trump Plaza Hotel was forced to plan a package of protection from bankruptcy after it was unable to pay a delinquent loan. In his plan, Trump was willing to give a 49 percent stake from the luxury hotel to Citibank and five other founders. But instead, Trump received a better state that held the position as Chief Executive, though at no charge.

In 1994, Trump lost US $ 900 million from the private account and a drastic loss in the business sector amounted to US $ 3.5 billion when he was forced to leave the Trump Shuttle, he was required to attend to the Trump Tower in New York City and control the three casinos in Atlantic City.

Trump has emerged in the media with version caricatures in television series and films such as Home Alone 2, The Nanny, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, the Pays of Our Live and as a character she herself is The Little Rascals, as well as guest starred talk show events.

In 2004, Trump became the Executive producer and host of NBC’s The Apprentice, which is the event competition at the level of top-class management. The contestants are fired or the termination of the game. The winner of this game will be contracted for one year at the company’s Trump with a salary of US $ 250 thousand. For the first one year, Trump gets paid US $ 50,000 per episode. But due to the show’s success, he then paid US $ 3 million per episode, and that makes people in the highest pay-per-view television. In 2007 awarded the top Trump The Apprentice program by receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

10 Tips on Changing Demotivation Become Motivation to Success

successDemotivation is a feeling tired, give up, want to stop that neutralizes the motivation, enthusiasm, passion and a passion you are currently being greatly needed by your business to thrive. He can appear at any time. So if you ‘re currently stuck in it, rest assured that you can transform negative energy into positive to drive you to success. Here are some of the mentality that will help you avoid demotivation and transform it into a motivation. Good luck.

1. Positive Thinking

For those of you who realize that you are currently located in the demotivation, then immediately think positive in order demotivation not make you stop. Positive thoughts can make you remain calm and think clearly in making decisions.

2. Expect Naturally

In the beginning, avoid unrealistically high expectations. because of the high expectations in the absence of reality will only set you back slumped for the umpteenth time. You will be very easy to be influenced negative if you are already in a state of acute demotivation.

3. Belief and desire from Within Yourself

You need to inspire confidence, and a new spirit of change within yourself. Increase your soul and give confidence that you are able to change the negative energy within you into a positive energy that is able to deliver a big change effects. The key is inside you. It is useless if you are relying on motivational books you own but do not have a strong desire for change.

4. Telling laments

Not all problems can be told to everyone. Even the people you trust the most. But psychologically, storytelling can reduce depression by up to 20 % even though the person you are told not provide any reciprocal.

5. Changing Mindset

If you ‘v e sunk a long way in feeling demotivated and can not get out, I strongly recommend you to change your mind. Think that you can change your weaknesses into an advantage that you never imagined.

6. Understanding Yourself

It is in fact the most important points and difficult. May not need a long time to understand who you are. But to make it sink in and remember, that’s the most difficult. Ask for advice to people you trust.

7. Unleash Yourself

If you have a problem, no matter how small, then immediately look for a way out. Not just a waste of time to think about it. Escape the problem as soon as possible. The more you are away from them then you will avoid demotivation.

8. Watching Inspiring Movies

Film motivation can leave a big impact for the audience. Especially if they are related. I recommend ” The Billionaire ” for you. In this film, you will see a Ittipat struggle to success, ranging from young – rich – and then heavily indebted businessmen to become rich again.

9. Defeat Fear

Fear is natural. He was in man. But if your fears exaggerated, then stop it. A little quote from Will Smith in After Film : ” Fear is not real. The only place that fear can exist is in our thoughts of the future. It is a product of our imagination, Causing us to fear Things that do not at present and may not ever exist. That is near insanity. Do not misunderstand me danger is very real but fear is a choice “. Fear is not real, he’s just a product of human imagination that led to fears over things that might not happen. Fear is a choice. You can choose to not fear him.

10. Take a Break Time

If you ‘v e been working for 3 months in a row without taking a day off except Sundays, then take a short vacation time 2-3 days before the day of the week. Because the holidays will improve the quality of sleep as well as a new calmness within you.

May you always avoid demotivation.

How to Expansion Business for Export Market

exportimportScooping the export market is definitely a dream of every businessman. Different ways of promotion, ranging from participating in overseas exhibition is all done to dredge the international market. For those of you who are planning to stretch its wings into the international market there are a few things to note:

1. Consider the product quality standards

Before exporting your products overseas, you should first consider the quality of your product in order to comply with quality standards in the international market. This problem often faced by business people, because they offer goods not in accordance with product quality standards of export destinations. Therefore, make sure you have a superior quality product and industrial permit from the parties concerned.

2. Maintain consistency of product supply

Exporters are required to keep the consistency of the supply of goods and increase production capacity to meet demand in the export market increasingly greater.

3. Understanding the regulation of export-import

One of the problems often faced by business people is their lack of understanding of some import-export rules in both origin and destination countries. You need to go into the rules in the destination country to find out what products are in case that may or may not be exported to the country of destination. So that business people do not choose the wrong candidate buyers, and can run smoothly import export cooperation.

4. Knowing the technical procedure of export

You need to know the technical procedures that need to run the exporter. Ranging from administrative procedures that need to be completed, customs procedures, equipment and supplies, as well as payment procedures commonly used in the import-export activities. What often happens is that the products are ready to ship halted because of incomplete documents.

7 Things That Cause Demotivation and Should be Avoided

goodleaderMotivation is a powerful underlying reason people do things or actions.

Demotivation is a strong reason for the weakening of the event.

Motivation and demotivation obviously very contradictory. Only strengthened, weakened them. Only encouraged, only triggered. Only closer to the destination, only away from the goal.

The danger someone who makes others demotivated is on the meaning of their relationship. Demotivation is happening able to weaken all relationships are built. Demotivation able to crack the fabric of cooperation for many years. Demotivation is able to make people turn away from what he considered not powerful thing.

Demotivation, it will happen if the leaders or CEOs who hold positions in strategic lines never pay attention to their employees, even demotivating sometimes is caused by a CEO who does not have good communication skills

Here are 7 things to avoid demotivation CEO or leader that can be avoided are:

Now is the time we tried to introspective, watching whether we are indeed motivate or demotivate employees. Here are a number of ‘symptoms’ that looks and often other people (employees) interpreted as a demotivating thing. When a leader / entrepreneur who listen input pitched below of the team members, it was time to make amends:

1. “We do not know what is important to you.”

You as a leader sometimes do this by changing the decision of a problem several times a day, or by making them confused with the decisions that contradict each other. The solution? Keep your team know your priorities. Give them certainty. If you as a leader is difficult to guess, you’re just going to make them psychologically and mentally exhausted. It is classified as a demotivation.

2. “You never explain why the actions you do.”

Just because you are leaders, business owners there, does not mean you are completely freed from the obligation to explain your actions. The people in your business you observe carefully, but they can not see what is in your mind. Referrals are not specific tends to confuse and less effective. Saying “fix it next time” or “do better for the next” not at all helpful.

These words provide less motivation and are often interpreted as “lip service”.

3. “You prefer to hire people who origin obey all commands.”

When you choose a more docile workers, you sometimes forget to provide sanctions for violators. Try to provide penalties for those who violate the rules. The people who work for you may appreciate the opportunity you gave to work in your business in the future as it is now difficult to find a job but they will not be motivated by any risk or wading competition filled with mines.

4. “You make demands of the employees threatened with consequences”.

It may be as simple as hold opportunities and benefits but people have to understand that you do not mess around about imposing sanctions for mistakes. Even a veiled threat demands can change demotivating but most supervisors often give threats.

5. “Meeting of the only teams to convey the decisions you’ve made.”

Many people are led by authoritarian. In the meeting they only deliver a decision that has been taken, without involving the people around him for contributing to the suggestions for that decision. It’s better if you invite all members of the team and make sure they give their views and listen to your views solemnly.

6. “You agree with the target set but then suddenly change it.”

Once you listen to the latest sales projections, you can not resist the urge to add a new target to make the staff more motivated. And that makes them shock, less burdened and can do their job wholeheartedly.

7. “You forgot to thank the employees for the little things.”

When they managed to do a little activity with some difficulty, you tend to underestimate and forget to say thank you with a sincere smile. It was not much but it is very valuable to them psychologically.

Now is the time to switch to a more positive side motivated from the perspective of the team. Motivation is one of the biggest driving force to the success of an entrepreneur. In an increasingly tight competition, you need all the help you can get. Do not try to do it with a lackluster team.

This Is a Desired By Investors

investorInvestors. The word is often referred to and sought after by employers in particular existence entrepreneurs or who are in the early stages of the stage. Many who know what it means but sometimes when given the opportunity to meet, do not know exactly what investors want.

Actually there are a few things you want to be seen by investors, especially professional investors. Here are the things that investors want:

1. It’s not about the business. It’s about who we are

Many entrepreneurs are at the start of the meet investors too excited to explain about his business, without preparing the executive team. But the first time is seen investors who we really are ? Do we deserve to be funded ? Like what his track record ? However every business is about people business. Donald Trump has ever said that, ” I never bet on business, i bet on people. ”

TIPS : If we feel we have not enough track record to sell, looking for an equalizer. Hire people who have a good track record or are looking for some experienced advisers who want to accompany us in running the business.

2. Clear business model

The second most important thing is what kind of business model ? In short, what the business flow of the process of selecting raw materials to the final product and to the hands of consumers, along with the allocation of costs and revenue projections. Here began the technical talk, and we should be able to retain all the assumptions that we make in the business projections.

3. Is it scalable ?

This is important because investors want to know how fast we offer business will flourish. Is this business can duplicate it in another area or not ? How fast duplicate process ? Estimate how long the business will evolve before reaching the mature period and then entered a phase of decline ? This of course relates to the level of returns expected by investors.

4. Are there any exit strategy

Depending typical investor, an investor who has a buy and hold strategy, there also have a strategy of buy, build and sell. But any tips its investors is useful to provide an exit strategy options they can take. There are several kinds of exit strategy is often used, ranging from buy-back strategy, the second stage of investment, equity to loan capital, up to an IPO (Initial Public Offering ). All depends on the type of investors who faced. Average professional investors have a time frame of between 5-7 years, depending on the character of the business and negotiating with investors.

The above are some of the components into consideration for investors before investing. Many investors who did not heed the above, especially individual investors. But it’s good we are always ready on the above question because we never know when the opportunity came. All we can confirm is that we are ready whenever the opportunity arises.